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Select Zone Five
24th Oct 2002, 21:09
I am addicted to buying DVD's...does anyone else have the same compulsion?

I have 131 DVD's and I've had more but if I happen to buy a dodgy film I simply flog it on the Internet after I've watched it!

I love the sound and picture quality, the widescreen presentation, the multiple viewing angles, the way you can jump to any part of the movie instantly and.....the extras.....oh the extras make it all worth while. The more documentaries and deleted scenes the better.

The feature I like best is the commentaries that most of the disks include now...I've just been watching Apollo 13 with the dulcet tones and unique insights of none other than Commander Jim Lovell and his wife!!! I also have the option of switching audio streams and getting a running commentary from director Ron Howard (aka Richie Cunningham!) Fantastic! :D :D :D

tony draper
24th Oct 2002, 21:16
I'm waiting until they can wire it directly into me head. :rolleyes:

24th Oct 2002, 22:53
Only ever had a handful of VCR tapes, main use of VCR was time shifting on TV. Then came DVD...

I have a couple of hundred DVDs to date, and I buy another 4 or 5 a month.

I started off with a cheap(ish) DVD player and a standard TV. The TV wasn't really up to it, so I bought a 25" 100Mhz set. Then I had to upgrade my Sherwood sound system to a Yamaha DSP-1 and a set of 6 (5.1) Acoustic Research speakers.

Then I had to buy a Pioneer precision scan DVD, which meant I had to get a screen which could show precision scan, so I bought a Panasonic 42" plasma. Then there were the interconnects at 120+ each.

(Gave my old TV and sound sister to one of my married sisters, which was much appreciated by her kids).

Then my Yamaha blew a channel. They'd just brought out the Denon AVC-A1SR and had to get one of those, which meant I also had to add another couple of speakers. (Still haven't had time to send away the Yamaha to be fixed - hopefully do that when I get home at Xmas, then sell it.)

I reckon DVD has cost me over 13K to date....and it's all in Paris while I'm in LA. I've only been home for about 12 weeks out of the last 18 months, and all I've got here is a cheap $150 DVD/amp/speaker combo unit and a rented 19" TV. :( :(

24th Oct 2002, 23:47
Hey, if you're not using the stuff.......

Anybody for a PPRUNE movie night? I just heard of this place in paris...... :D :D :D

25th Oct 2002, 06:25
Me too!! Living where I do, there is a lack of entertainment and DVD's are a main sorce of being able to pass the time.
Every holiday I must buy 5-10 of the ******s and watch each one at least four or five times before I get even a little tired of them.

25th Oct 2002, 08:45
ORAC said:

Only ever had a handful of VCR tapes, main use of VCR was time shifting on TV.

Then came DVD...
I really don't understand this, but everyone seems to fall foul of it! My best friend used to have a reasonable collection of videos, about 20 or so, mainly Arnie films but a few other things thrown in too. Then he bought a DVD player. He now buys several DVDs a month - anything from Disney cartoons to chick-flicks! He tried to buy the largest wide-screen TV he could find, but when it was delivered he discovered it didn't fit around the corner in the staircase up to his flat, so he had to settle on the next size down. He's just spent 2000 (yes, 2K!) on audio equipment, including over 100 on gold-plated wires!

The really annoying thing is that every time anyone visits his flat, we're forced to watch DVDs! And since neither cartoons nor chick-flicks are particularly appropriate for lads nights in, there's only a couple of films out of his whole collection that we watch over and over again! (Of course watching one of his Arnie films on video is out of the question... :rolleyes: )

I don't have a DVD player. I don't want one either. I'll probably get one eventually, but I hope I don't turn into a DVD junkie.


PS - He's just bought a Nintendo GameCube, which is a fantastic machine, and it's a huge relief to be able to beat the sh!t out of some bad-guys instead of watching DVDs week after week!

Grim Reaper 14
25th Oct 2002, 10:06
My life is over. I find myself in agreement with Fu-Fu.

I'm currently in possession of 0 DVD players and 0 DVD's. My ambition is to remain at these figures for the foreseeable future.

Anyone for a Smirnoff Ice?

25th Oct 2002, 10:11
I must admit I'm getting hooked. I have a little time on my hands at the moment and confess to spending an entire afternoon this week lying on the sofa watching both disks of "The Office" dvd (optimum positioning - lie self on sofa, put laptop on far arm of sofa - v comfy). The second disk has a documentary about the making of the programme and there's a great bit where Gervais and Marchant say something like "obviously only the real nerds will get as far as watching this bit..." It's a fair cop...

25th Oct 2002, 11:51
I must admit it's quite easy to go into a frenzy when out buying, specially when you're at a big box of unsorted nice-price DVD's

25th Oct 2002, 11:59
Ok, so everyone agrees that DVDs are adictive.

Anyone any idea why? What's the difference between DVDs and videos? :confused: I don't know anyone who bought loads of videos they weren't interested in just because they had a VCR...


Select Zone Five
25th Oct 2002, 12:36
What's the difference between DVDs and videos?FFF have you ever experienced a DVD? I can't explain your mate's compulsion for chick-flicks and cartoons. Although, I must admit when I first had the DVD player, I was compelled to buy disks with the most extras, simply to explore the technology. (I own 'A Bugs Life') :rolleyes: There I said it! :rolleyes:

If you're a movie fan then a good DVD has it all. Some have as many as 5 commentary tracks, actors, director, lighting, musical score etc. To get the movie makers' insights serves to deepen the experience. I accept that most people may not be interested but to have the option is nice!

As I said before, the sound and picture quality is simply amazing.

Have you ever wanted to pick out the best parts of a film to watch? Who can be bothered to wind forward a video tape and keep stopping until you get to the part you want to watch? A video tape with...say...4 episodes of 'The Office'; what if you want to watch a scene from the 4th episode? Are you gonna wind forward the whole tape until you find it and then wind forward again to find the scene? :rolleyes:

The only beef I have with DVD's is the 'Special Edition' syndrome. Quite annoying to buy a film and then have a 'Special Edition' brought out a few weeks later with remastering, more documentaries etc. Having said that, you can always sell the original version online and claw some cash back. :p

P.S. Video tapes wear out...:D