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24th Oct 2002, 16:08
Probably been done to death but I'm sitting here, fed up, want to go home.

Back in the 70's it was Emerson Lake & Palmer (saw twice) and Deep Purple.

Didn't think much to the 80's and now I'm a HUGE Def Leppard fan. Been lucky enough to see them twice, last time a couple of years ago and Wembley Arena-awesome gig!

Over to you

tony draper
24th Oct 2002, 16:15
Dolly Parton, she is a great trio. :rolleyes:

Anthony Carn
24th Oct 2002, 17:59
Bjork ! :cool:

Fascinating and unique voice and music. A few of her songs take some getting used to, but then you're glad you made the effort. "Unravel" is a good example; One of my favourites now.

Eva Cassidy equal first ( sorry, I'm cheating by giving two), especially for " Over the Rainbow" and her best one, " Fields of Gold ".

Send Clowns
24th Oct 2002, 18:14
The Stone Roses. Sadly destroyed by the greed of Silvertone Records, but what fantastic music to usher in a new era. Oasis were a poor imitation.

24th Oct 2002, 18:29
I'll second that, SC, I treasure my mid-1989 copy of 'The Stone Roses' (before Silvertone re-pressed it in late '89 with Fools Gold as an additional track to take advantage of their sudden fame).

Uncle Cracker
24th Oct 2002, 18:30
'S funny you should ask. I've just moved house and come across some old Dio stuff I'd forgotten about. Rocked into work tonight, alright!:D

24th Oct 2002, 19:17
Fave band - Rory Gallagher's
Fave singer - Paul Rodgers (former Free frontman, for those who may have forgotten....)

Hagbard the Amateur
25th Oct 2002, 00:06
There are far too many great bands and vocalists from across the decades for me to be able to pick one and only. My current focus though has to be the Red Hot Chili Peppers and their vocalist, Anthony Kiedis. They've been knocking it out hard in different forms for years.

25th Oct 2002, 07:40
Fave Band - Genesis (after that prag Gabriel left, although I do like some of the early stuff)

Fave Singer - Phil Collins

That said, I do worship at the Alter of Prog so I can add Yes, ELP etc to that second category.

I hate to admit it but I am becoming a bit of a New Country fan as well.

Grim Reaper 14
25th Oct 2002, 08:26

25th Oct 2002, 08:30
Likes me Pink Floyd & me Metallica

25th Oct 2002, 08:44
These days it's the Foo Fighters...the new album is great & I'm off to see them live in a few weeks...

Constantly changing...yesterday's drive to work was Norah Jones, tomorrow could be Rush, the next day the Stone Roses...

25th Oct 2002, 09:00
If pushed to name one band only it would have to be The Stranglers, from the early days primarily, but anytime up until about European Female sort of era. But you cannot ignore the great prog rockers, punk rockers and just good old rock'n'roll/heavy metal. But colours to the mast, The Stranglers. The first band I ever saw live as well.:)

25th Oct 2002, 09:30
Would have to be The Stranglers, and if im being honest it would have to be the line up with Hugh Conrwell. Sadly they`re one of these bands that were very influential, highly original and a superb live experience but were consistenly written off, slagged off and a constant target for journos and writers with an agenda. Mind you, having heard a new track "Norfolk Coast" i reckon there could be a spectacular return to form on the cards, albiet without the presence of Hugh.

25th Oct 2002, 09:46
It's almost an impossible question, but if I had to name just one band: the Clash.

25th Oct 2002, 10:04
I'm a (fairly) recent convert to the talent of Walter Trout (recently voted World's 6th best guitarist!) but Rory Gallagher's got a special place in the heart of any of his followers (he shared my birthday too!)

Soooooo....... one for Walter's Band, and one for Rory as an individual - may his music live on forever!

25th Oct 2002, 10:52
Sarah McLachlan.

Closely followed by Nina Simone, but after those two I tend to prefer individual songs to singers - some of Sinead O'Connors stuff is just spine-chillingly good, like Nothing compares 2U, but some is just dross :(

As to bands, erm, well, there isn't anyone that stands out to me. There's this one small local band that does a version of "Nobody does it better" that's really incredible though :)

25th Oct 2002, 11:52
Will and Gggareth?!

25th Oct 2002, 12:17
There are so many great bands and singers, but if I'm pinned down to one, it's got to be Radiohead and Thom Yorke.

25th Oct 2002, 12:47
The Stranglers, far ahead of the herd as well as the heard. Ceebs is right about the new material, since the new guitarist joined (Baz Warne...late of The Toy Dolls) things have been looking up again.

And who else can play so fast and so well with a drummer of 63?

25th Oct 2002, 14:27
Easily the Bee Gees

25th Oct 2002, 14:53
David Gray.

25th Oct 2002, 23:00
Used to be Marilyn Manson, but now its Cradle of Filth. Any other pilots in Pprune land listen to black metal, or am i the only one...?


Jet Dragon
26th Oct 2002, 10:22
Jeez I must be gettin' old - I ain't never 'eard of 'alf of them bands:( :(

For me my favorite band ever is ABBA - the greatest pop band ever ever.

:) :)


26th Oct 2002, 12:16
Easy answer for me, Queen/Freddie Mercury.

Best there ever was imho.

26th Oct 2002, 12:27
Neil Young-singer
(a favorite song by neither my favorite singer or band..."Never Been Any Reason" by Head East)

27th Oct 2002, 01:53
Tough call.
Ian Tyson, I guess. Followed by EmmyLou Harris. And James Keelaghan.

Sparks, if you like McLachlan give a listen to Jann Arden. She's pretty good. Gotta admit that McLachlan's The Path of Thorns makes my hair stand on end.

27th Oct 2002, 08:22
Live Gigs -
Glenn Tilbrook, Squeeze

Paul Rogers, Free, bad company, on his oneo

27th Oct 2002, 11:16
Dates me I know, but single artist wise:

Bob Dylan

Leonard Cohen

Joan Baez

Joni Mitchell

As for groups:

Dire Straits

Pink Floyd

Grateful Dead

27th Oct 2002, 17:50
So many of the above mentioned have had an impact but with being an axe grinder myself, then Mr. Edward Van Halen of the band Van Halen has got to be my no1.
Guitar based music revolutionised when this chap came along as it did with players like Hendrix and the likes of Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, but i feel Van Halen injected fun back into music and not to mention excitement.
They can also do the serious stuff too which at times has a powerfull message if you're into that kind of thing, but for me the guitar work blows me to bits and makes me fall in love with my axes all over again.
bezzie ....