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24th Oct 2002, 08:04
What does yours say?

Mine - Beavers are fun

24th Oct 2002, 08:08
10K 17.5.89

Select Zone Five
24th Oct 2002, 08:11
Mine is blank but I think I heard it say....'It's a lovely day, why don't you go flying?!'

Oh, OK then :D

a is dum
24th Oct 2002, 08:11
World greatest 50 year old
(I borrowed it from an old friend)

Anthony Carn
24th Oct 2002, 09:29
At home..............

The Archer
You have a tolerant and wide ranging mind......blah
talents, energy, zest for life....blah
wealth of skills and interests.....blah
many friends......blah

SO TRUE !.....and modest with it ! :rolleyes:

At work.............

I get a white placcy cup of lukewarm aircraft boiler effluent. :mad:

24th Oct 2002, 09:31
Perhaps they should say 'PPRuNe'...another potential fundraiser perhaps? I'd stump up for one providing they were reasonably tasteful :D

Papa Charlie
24th Oct 2002, 10:07
The one at work says "I can resist everything except temptation".

The one at home says "COFFEE".


24th Oct 2002, 10:09
Ditto Jinx :)
But it'd have to be a *nice* mug :D
Stainless steel perhaps? :D

Right now, I've got a big black steel insulated one here from thinkgeek that reads "NO, I WILL NOT FIX YOUR COMPUTER." :D
And I have a plastic indestructible one in the rifle club marked "Match Secretary".
And a transparent pyrex one at home with the molecular structure for caffine on it.
But I could still use another :D
A nice shiny metal one with the pprune logo would be perfect for the flying club :)

24th Oct 2002, 11:04

24th Oct 2002, 12:25
A rather faded 'Rocky & Bullwinkle' picture (Present from someone who visited Universal Studios)

and my name


This is an anonymous forum, after all...........:)

Rather like the Pprune logo mug idea.......what 'ya say, Danny?

24th Oct 2002, 13:06
One of the funniest coffee mugs was owned by an XO on a RAN Patrol Boat.
It said "Don't f**k with me cos I f**k back"

Mine says "Ducati"

24th Oct 2002, 13:08
Pprune Coffee mug - excellent idea, make mine a large one!

24th Oct 2002, 13:49
Lots of mine are freebies from reps. My soup mug is a big black one (ooeerr) with a gold rim, and says 'Sigma'. My coffee mug has a cartoon of a sheep and "128mb RAM" ... not entirely sure why my friend thought it would suit me!

At home I mostly use a blue mug with tigger on the side, or one with a penguin in shades which says "Real cool sister" (given to me by a friend :confused: ).

Spares are "Centrum, it's 100%, are you?" and one advertising DNA size ladders... can't remember which brand, and a NatWest one :)

Dontya just love students? :D

24th Oct 2002, 14:12
Mine don't say nothing, it is dark blue with a nice gold rim.

Shouldn't have posted this information really but I was bored and I have never mentioned my coffee cup before.
Gotta go nurse has just arrived with my medication.


Grim Reaper 14
24th Oct 2002, 14:51
"This is the voice of the Mysterons" - And I only drink out of the Captain Black side.

24th Oct 2002, 15:15
Mine says 'Starbucks' It's a dirty great stainless steel job with a lid, that I bought at JFK.

I did have one that had RAF Laarbruch sation crest on it but some saddo nicked it :mad:

24th Oct 2002, 16:46
Biohazard symbol and the words "Toxic waste sampling container"

Well, it seemed funny at the time....

Uncle Cracker
24th Oct 2002, 18:23
Custom Cruisers UK - Custom parts for all;) :p ;)

24th Oct 2002, 19:22

I'm now not entirely sure whether it refers to the beverage container or not....

24th Oct 2002, 19:34
four other wordy ones are RAF Manston Spitfire Memorial, "Back to the Future" (fancy silvery glass one), Papua New Guinea (advertising coffee!) and a pseudo Roman one from Richborough Castle!! Otherwise, some purty flowery ones (gift from late mama) and some hexagonal black ones (arcoroc vintage 1970 like my crockery) !!!

:D :D

I also have a way kewl Space Shuttle vacuum mug but as I have only ever dribbled when attempting to use the mouthpiece it is now a pencil holder!!

henry crun
24th Oct 2002, 20:59
Mine just says "Made In China".


24th Oct 2002, 21:03
A very nice china one with "Doggy Love " on

25th Oct 2002, 00:02
Got one at the office. Deep blue in colour, large, solidly constructed and dependable. It's got "BOEING" written on it.

Use cups at home as it seems to be coffee at work, tea at home.

Windy Militant
25th Oct 2002, 07:50
At home
A large Wallace and Grommit mug which say's Nice cup of tea.
At Work
A Wales is Woolley Mug with Keep Wales tidy throw your litter in England. on it :p

27th Oct 2002, 04:17
Current one has a narrow neck and a broad bottom (bit like myself) and has maritime signal flags for the numerals, with the numerals depicted also. Have been asked what the message reads...

Had one with a picture of a dragon and the text "Coffee keeps my tail from dragon..."

27th Oct 2002, 06:22
mine was a present from susie921 and is from the college that she works for. so as this is an anonymous site, I can't give out the name of the college :D

27th Oct 2002, 15:17
It says:

As you make your way through life, Friend,
This should be your goal:
To keep your mind on the donut,
And not on the hole.

I am not the author, you understand; I just bought it.

Elliot Moose
27th Oct 2002, 21:30
Mine just says "Robin's Donuts". I look like a complete idiot heading into the office with it, (since it is all scarred and bashed from time spent in inhospitable places) but holds about half a pail full of coffee and it's really well insulated and keeps beverages warm for about an hour.:D

27th Oct 2002, 22:50
Mine says 'coffee' on it, seemed sensible at the time:D

28th Oct 2002, 01:10
One big lumpen stainless steel thermos type one that sez Michaud Autos VW on it. (But I fooled them and bought a Dodge Dakota)
The second one says The North Group. They gave us mugs to commemorate the only board meeting of that company ever held outside Oz.

28th Oct 2002, 15:51
A gift from IFR (kiss, kiss), mine says Pilot's Pal, Biggin Hill with the pic of the little dog and helmet.