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23rd Oct 2002, 12:58

Jinxy, after having worked hard all year with several projects all converging on the same deadline (agghh!!), suddenly finds himself with 18 working days' worth of annual leave left - that's almost a month!

I'll use some of it up between Xmas and New Year (am planning to spend New Year in IST), but I'm wondering if my erudite and well-travelled fellow PPRuNers could help with some suggestions for before then?

I like warm sunny places with good beaches, but also like to do stuff - swimming, sailing, visiting local places of interest and culture, etc. Who knows - I might even take me licence and do a spot of aviating!

I had a wonderful hol in the northeast of Brazil last year and am considering a possible return, but maybe some of you have better ideas for a late break - I intend to depart around mid-November.

Thanks in advance :)

Jx :cool:

p.s. - don't really fancy the Caribbean or the usual Med spots

23rd Oct 2002, 13:02
I hear Skegness is nice in November !

Mr G.

Select Zone Five
23rd Oct 2002, 13:31
I love Las Vegas for pure entertainment. Luxury hotels, great restaurants, amazing shows, HOT, HOT, HOT weather and if you can be sensible on the gambling, it's kinda fun too!

Oh and if you need a beach, there's one at the Mandalay Bay resort complete with wave machine! :D

The airport is walking distance from the strip and there are plently of places to visit outside the city...if you start running out of cash ;)

I've not been there since getting my PPL but I think it would be great aviating. Grand Canyon, Lake Mead etc...just stay away from Nellis! :eek:

If anyone is going, make sure you visit In 'n' Out Burger. Easily the best hamburger in the world.

23rd Oct 2002, 13:47

How much money have you got?

Agree NE Brazil is fab - fantastic beaches, though the surf can be a bit rougher than the Caribbean...

My suggestions would be (with all the usual caveats about checking out latest security warnings in these troubled times):

Oz - Far north Queensland, around Daintree and above. Some superb beaches with hardly a soul around, great wildlife (stay in an ecolodge if you can), and also the opportunity to go diving off the Great Barrier Reef. Not much 'culture' in the traditional sense, but Cairns airport is nearby with a couple of flying schools, or you can go on a 'postie' trip, flying into little bush strips to deliver the mail.

Thailand - You'll miss the monsoon season (June-Oct), and this would seem to combine everything you're looking for (though I'm not sure about the flying). Most people spend a few days in Bangkok, then head south for the beaches and maybe north to Chiang Mai for trekking and hilltribe visiting. I'd recommend the beaches around Krabi rather than Phuket, and definitely avoid Pattaya, unless you're into that sort of thing :confused: I also like Sukothai, one of the old capitals.

Egypt - You could combine a couple of weeks visiting the Pyramids at Cairo and the temples along the Nile (maybe a cruise?) with a week on the Red Sea (more diving!). Sharm el Sheikh is a much nicer resort than Hurghada.

23rd Oct 2002, 14:56
Do something different go for a cruise

There are lots of fab cruises and some very very discount prices around

try here (http://www.vacationstogo.com/emailtick.cfm)

and if you need an interline address - send me a message - interline agents are often even much cheaper than above !

To use an interline agent you must bring proof of working for an airline or being directly related to airline staff (father, mother, brother, sister) ;)

23rd Oct 2002, 15:19
Eilat, Israel

Punta d'este, Uruguay

Mar Del Plata, Argentina.

23rd Oct 2002, 15:25
I agree with Singaporegirl but would add; Hong Kong or Singapore for three days, Bangkok for three days, Chaing Mai for two or three days and then hit the beach at Krabi, or Phuket, or Koh Samui.

I've been to Queensland in the last couple of months and it was fab too, probably more chance of flying there than in Thailand but Honkers has an aero club at CLK.

You can dive, swim, ride elephants, visit temples, shop till you drop, eat fabulous food and enjoy fantastic [email protected]@er this, I'm off too.... :cool:

23rd Oct 2002, 15:59
if there was no problem with regards to money and I could choose anywhere in the world, then I've always wanted to go to Easter Island. failing that a week or so in St Petersburg would be nice :D

24th Oct 2002, 09:24
Thanks to everyone for your kind suggestions...plenty for me to think about there... :)


24th Oct 2002, 09:26
I'm with wub. I love Thailand. The people there are wonderful and friendly. Phuket has superg beaches and the food fantastic. A side trip to Dubai might also be in order. This depending on your route. Give Saudi Arabia a miss:p

24th Oct 2002, 10:33
Phuket I can wholeheartedly endorse. Mid-November would be a pretty good time to go as you'd be spared the worst of the European element who tend to arrive a month later.

Want any practical info, get in touch...

24th Oct 2002, 11:26
Dubai is great if you do not mind the heat - followed by Hong Kong for a few days - did this trip earlier in the year and was very pleased with the result.

Both have lots to offer esp HK - the differences a few miles can make is stunning - from the built up areas of Kowloon / HK Island to the quiet and remote New territories.

henry crun
24th Oct 2002, 20:29
WJ, here is a site that might give you some ideas and also allow you to explore what any likely destinations have to offer.

Click on Destinations on the home page and take it from there.


24th Oct 2002, 22:05
Just got back from a week in Vienna. If you want somewhere full of cultural stuff to do, that's so stress free and relaxing then Vienna is the place to go.

Probably a bit cold for you though, but worth it nonetheless!

24th Oct 2002, 23:33
Could tell you where I won't be going because of fanatics of one sort or another but that would mean a great deal of typing.

Far canal
25th Oct 2002, 05:08
I have just got back from 10 days in Phuket - it is a great place. The weather is just starting to improve with the end of the monsoon season. There is lots to do diving, fishing, sailing, eating and even surfing.

Its very cheap too.

I also like Chiang Mai. Very different from Phuket as there is no sea. A completely different type of holiday. Again tons to do trekking there are some greast national parks nearby with some very impressive waterfalls etc.

El Grifo
25th Oct 2002, 09:02
Huh, Its OK for some Jinxy!

the prospect of a Holiday at this time of year, is merely a pipe dream for some of us.

Take me for example. I am moving into my busiest period.

Next month for example, I have to head for Bangkok, Phuket and Ko Samui for three weeks, to shoot pictures for the Travel Industry.

No peace for the Wicked

:cool: ;) :cool:

25th Oct 2002, 09:11
...yeah - but let's not forget, you do live in Lanza, Grifo...:D


El Grifo
25th Oct 2002, 09:18
Yep Jinxy, you are spot on there.

Trouble is, I can't figure out whether I am an Asylum Seeker or an Economic Refugee :eek: ;)

Wherever you choose, I wish you a good one !!

Grim Reaper 14
25th Oct 2002, 09:34
Hire a car, take your time and 'do' the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in California, North to South. Stunning, chilled and bl00dy good fun. Lots to do en route too. San Fran, LA, San Diego.