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tony draper
23rd Oct 2002, 09:44


23rd Oct 2002, 09:59
We are your overlords!

:D :D

Sorry for answering before fLAPPY.

PPRuNe Radar
23rd Oct 2002, 10:48
I just knew she was a pussy cat deep down :p

23rd Oct 2002, 11:29
Radar, your knowledge of the small domestic feline is no doubt vastly superior to my own.
But you don't know f*ck about Vikings mate! :D

A&A, ikke mob stakkars Britene, de kann ikke noe for det. ;)

Drapes, I've allus known you had a soft spot for Hairy Maidens and Lusty Vikings.... errrrmm ......:p

PPRuNe Radar
23rd Oct 2002, 11:49
I know we whupped their sorry a**es at the Battle Of Largs ;)

23rd Oct 2002, 13:30
(said in jest)

I've tried saying a few of the words said here with a "*" in them out loud to see what they sounded like to ensure that if I am in a hotel lobby I can swear but not say the exact word......

23rd Oct 2002, 14:40

The Middle Ages
Battle of Largs 1263

In October 1263, a sizeable fleet of longships surveyed the Scandinavian dominions of King Haakon IV of Norway off the west coast of Scotland. Bad weather forced some of the ships onto the beach at Largs where a skirmish with Scottish forces fighting in the name of Alexander III occurred. Although to call the confrontation a battle is a considerable exaggeration, the consequences of the event were far reaching.

On his return to Norway, Haakon took ill at Kirkwall (in the Orkney Islands - also Scandinavian territory) and died. The following year, the independent King of Man broke his allegiance to Norway and recognised Alexander III as his superior.

In 1266, Haakon's successor, Magnus, signed the Treaty of Perth which surrendered sovereignty of the Western Isles off Scotland to the Scottish crown. Of their once great territories, only the Orkney and Shetland Isles remained under the control of the Scandinavians (and their hold there was soon under threat from a series of Scottish bishops).

"Whupped" is proved to be a considerable exaggeration.


Bengt Engel
23rd Oct 2002, 18:10
Hey Flaps, as a fellow viking I'll be right by your side in the battle against these evil britts....

får jag några bonus poäng nu då??:D

PPRuNe Radar
23rd Oct 2002, 18:26
Ah A&A ... depends which Sports Report for the day you read doesn't it ???

''At the Battle of Largs, Alexander defeated the mighty Norse army by a notable blend of strategy and tactics. He lured Haakon's fleet far from its bases. He induced it to come up into the trap of the Firth of Clyde. He held off action until the inevitable equinoctial gales forced much of Haakon's fleet on the shore by Largs. He then forced the gallant but defeated old King Haakon back to sea, and back to his base in Orkney, where he died.

The Battle of Largs was an early and remarkable example of Scottish tactics and strategy - "get the enemy on your own ground in unfavourable conditions and tackle him where you want him to be. Never go out to meet him on his ground". This strategy was, as we shall see, to be renewed at Bannockburn.

After this decisive and resounding victory - in which little blood was wantonly shed - Alexander came to terms with Haakon's son and successor. The Hebrides was ceded to Alexander's kingdom. The result was that, with the exception of the Norse Isles of Orkney and Shetland, the Kingdom of Scotland assumed the shape which it was to hold for centuries.''

So we won Scotland ... and you got ...erm, Shetland and Orkney :p

tony draper
23rd Oct 2002, 18:38
Hey Flappy go and have a look here, yer can get yer name written in Viking runes.



23rd Oct 2002, 21:50
I love Scottish landmarks and historical places.
They pick a paddock or a group of hills.
Point proudly and say "a small band of hardy Scots fought off a mighty army from insert nation here and won"
The colder and more windswept the place is, the better. :D

tony draper
23rd Oct 2002, 22:07
I know, they is alus complaining we english invaded them , most of their battles where fought on English soil. ;)

23rd Oct 2002, 22:33

are you aware of a certain mr. Sinclair (1621).


24th Oct 2002, 02:14
There are many surname endings in the north of england, including my own. that reveal that the vikings are still around and thus, perhaps, won something.

24th Oct 2002, 02:30
One of my best friends was a blond haired gentleman named Urquhart. Because of that, we used to call him the shipwrecked Norwegian.