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661 KTAS
23rd Oct 2002, 01:16
Are there any official or public records available comparing the different airlines in areas of on time departures/arrivals and dispatch efficiency ???

I have recently done a fair bit of travel with two airlines (a major domestic carrier and a major regional carrier) and have only got an on time service on 4 of the 8 flights. I was not in a hurry and it made no difference to me however is this an issue for business travellers who are in a hurry ?!?

Am I correct in saying that Impulse had one of the best on time / despatch records a few years ago ?

24th Oct 2002, 03:52
and who's watch were you going by? the time is taken from the off blocks time provided by the airline, and i doubt the airlines will make the actual figures public though qf and dj both have pretty good otp as a whole, dj have exceptional on time performance i understand.

Sir Shiraz
24th Oct 2002, 03:58
Not the half dozen times I have flown on them.....

24th Oct 2002, 11:12
Same experience here. Ansett has something like 99% on time departures.

24th Oct 2002, 21:40
661 KTAS,

Unfortunately there is no information on OTP that is publically avialable in Australia. In the US it is made public by law and you can visit the FAA website and actually looking at the performance of airlines for a specific route.

I am currently doing some research on this issue for OTP in Melbourne for all domestic flights. It is amazing to find the percentage of flights that do not leave on time.

25th Oct 2002, 03:31

I'd say that 661 KTAS would be going by his watch, and comparing it to the figures made public that are known as departure times.
Sorry to have to spell it out, I thought that would have been obviouse.

25th Oct 2002, 14:32
Fog in one town sends the DJ times out all day, where QF are better equipt to catch up

small price to pay for a cheaper ticket