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Freek Flyer
22nd Oct 2002, 09:02
Heard there was a bit of an emergency at YPAD today,

Congrats to the Capt and F/O who carried out a marvelous emergency landing back at YPAD in difficult wx conditions!

eisle s
22nd Oct 2002, 09:47
Care to elaborate?

22nd Oct 2002, 11:17
Yeah, Don't tease us like this. If you got something juicy..Spill yer guts.

Airframe Driver
23rd Oct 2002, 06:02
Freek Flyer. Where were you yesterday ? (the day in question).
Difficult wx conditions. The wind pretty much all day was 230/20-30kts. Straight down the guts of Rwy 23. A little bit of chop etc etc. boo hoo. Try PLC with 35kts crosswind, or WYA with 35-40 kts crosswind on the only avbl runways for the <5700kg category.
What was the emergency ? Rex turning back to ADL because of crosswind at WYA ?

Please tell.

23rd Oct 2002, 07:21
:eek: Airframe Driver I believe yplc has 3 runways & ywha has 2. If you cant use unsealed runways & the wind is what you said at these locations i'd like to know what youre flying that can take all that x-wind legally. So what if rex turned back better safe than sorry. You sound like a dreamer hope i'm never a pax or worse a crew member with you.

24th Oct 2002, 05:57
HAve since found out the emergency. It appears that one of the REx Metros' had an engine fire alarm go off. Said engine was shut down, and fire bottle discharged in flight.

From memory, the runways at PLC are 01/19 (sealed) 15/33, and 04/22 .... and have only been there once or twice, but have heard stories where the wind has been 270/45 , which still give a decent x-wind on EVERY strip.

Saab has x-wind component of 35kts, J31 is also 35kts, yet metro is (I believe) only 20 kts.

Airframe Driver
24th Oct 2002, 10:44
Metro has x-wind of 25kts. J32 has x-wind of 35kts. Being above 5700kg, cannot land on unsealed strips at PLC or WHA, so therefore restricted to whatever x-wind is dished up. Can't sook off like marreeman in his piston popper, or even better, get his student to do the landing.

25th Oct 2002, 06:44

And I thought it was something serious like the Captain left his lunch in the crew room.

Capt Claret
25th Oct 2002, 07:02
What is the relevance of 5700 kg and landing on an unseled strip? DH8 can land on unsealed strips at weights up to about 19000 kg fora 300.

25th Oct 2002, 08:30
Well if a metro can take 25kts then thats all it can take airframe. In your previous statement you put less than <5700kg so most types below this wieght can use the unsealed runways subject to the flight man or ops man. Yes i do only fly a piston & im not an instructor. Congrats to ya for flying a turboprop - you are my hero. You can say what ever you like about me only flying in my piston but we all usually fly pistons before turbines. I go by the rules like the most of us, sounds as if you may bend them just to get in, do you go below minimums as well?. Must be a o'connor vs rex thing happening here.

Freek Flyer
25th Oct 2002, 09:17
Check your facts Airframe Driver, Metro x-wind 20kts.

Like it matters, it was of no relevance to the original post, if your so hell bent on xwind limits, make up a new thread.


26th Oct 2002, 12:13
Always ends up nasty for some reason......Never understand that. Good luck to the guys flying piston poppers we were all there once and here's hoping your turn comes to fly turbo prop if not jets soon. As for the original post before it got nasty, well done to the guys that obviously carried out their SOPS faultlessly.