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22nd Oct 2002, 06:57
Does anybody out there know what happened to the Turbi, built apparently by the DH apprentices in the 50s, that was owned by the TK Flying Club and based at Hatfield, certainly up to the late 70s - early 80s? I spent many happy hours floating over the Hertfordshire countryside being piloted by Mike Curran.
Where are you now?

22nd Oct 2002, 08:30
According to G-INFO, still owned by the TK Flying Club and with a current Permit to Fly which expires in December. The registered keeper's address is given as near St Neots, but don't know where she lives now.


22nd Oct 2002, 09:55
The Turbi used to be based at Bennington, but moved to Henlow last year. Now privately owned and will hopefully soon be reguarly flying again.

23rd Oct 2002, 19:55
SAMAN;see "vintage ATCO`S" post from Luton..:)

24th Oct 2002, 23:05
Many thanks for the replies, may she grace the skies for years to come. Does she still have the Mikron III sitting in her nose?
T'was the pic on the grass at Luton that sparked my query. That looks like the Mikron II and a spinner!!! That's posh.

My wife is still trying to get the old fabric and dope out from under fingernails. It's been there since about '77 when the wings were re-covered!

Lovely days.