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21st Oct 2002, 12:19
Heard Japan Airlines requesting turnback to BN this morning with engine failure I believe. Was requesting hold for 25 minutes to dump fuel but ATC had great trouble deciphering 'Japanese English'. After much confusion, an Aussie voice from the cockpit completed translation. Went off frequency soon after.

Anyone hear any more?

Flight Detent
22nd Oct 2002, 10:45
Probably the Flight Engineer, if it was a Classic, there is a fair few Aussies working for JAL as FEs!

22nd Oct 2002, 15:00

I take it you are writing in 'Aussie English'.
When you are starting sentences with 'Was requesting'. One would have to ask where you were taught how to speak perfect English.
Put yourself in a similar situation over England. Could you be sure that an English ATC would understand your English in a moment of panic.

My point is, quite often (as in the first post) on the 'Dunnunda forum' I see references being made against foreign pilots with regards to the standard of English being used over the airwaves and it is assumed that 'Aussie English Standard Phraseology' is always understood.

I am not Australian, English or Japanese and therefore I have to make an increased effort to understand everything that gets said Sometimes that is all that is required from all parties involved. Remember people in glass houses 'mate'.

'What was that smashing sound above me?'

Updraft my apologies for hi jacking the thread after 3 posts but I was just keeping with tradition.

23rd Oct 2002, 06:56
Now the question on everyone's mind is - so what nationality are you?

Break Right
23rd Oct 2002, 10:13

Mate!! Not.. Please get a life!!! The average person even with the basic English knowledge would have understood what Updraft was on about, so leave your unconstructive criticism to your own world and lets get back to the topic.

Really am sick of all the English lectures that add their crap and their wealth of English know how.. Get life.

Did that make sense??? No don't bother!!!
:mad: :mad: :) :confused:

23rd Oct 2002, 10:44
Break right 'Gday'

Sorry if you took the above post as unconstructive criticism It was more just a little bit of sarcasm in pointing out a different perspective to something that 'Updraft' obviously felt was a contributing factor in this incident.

English is my first language and I certainly am not in a position to slag off anyone accent "Know whit a mean wee man"

However I do agree with you 'Back to the original thread'

Cheers Ice:)

24th Oct 2002, 13:58
Flight Detent
Thanks for the info!

Break Right
Thanks for the support!

:) :) :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Ivan Urge
4th Nov 2002, 05:01
In other Japanese news, a JAL captain and an ANA captain have been suspended for six months each in separate incidents.

The JAL captain was suspended for allowing a female friend of his into the cockpit during flight, in contravention of regulations. He informed his crew of his intention during the briefing and the F/O voiced his objection, but the captain did as he intended anyway. The F/O received a warning letter for condoning the captains actions. There has to be some CRM issues in there.

The ANA captain turned up for flight duty at SGN around midnight smelling of booze. The other captain, who was the PIC, delayed the departure of the aircraft so his colleague could sober up!