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21st Oct 2002, 01:02
Congratulations to the morons driving Metro VH-IAU doing practise NDB approaches over Moruya NSW at 5:00 am on Sunday morning.

Yes you did annoy the locals, yes they do want the airport closed or restrictions applied.

This industry could well do without idiots like you!!!! :mad:

21st Oct 2002, 03:19
heh heh

Well they did seem to have a little trouble working out the frequency for CTAF calls. Perhaps they are NAS supporters just trying out the principles of silent and efficient (except for the turbine noise of course).

A few very cheap early morning touch and goes me thinks.

Sounded very nervous when someone upped them for their anti-aviation behaviour.

That aircraft better not ever try a straight in while I'm around, GA courtesy points, NILL!!! 3 legs boys, 3 legs :)

21st Oct 2002, 04:00
Instead of whinging on an open forum, why not call the appropriate company and voice your concern. I'm sure they would appreciate the call.:rolleyes:

21st Oct 2002, 05:21
I would, if the owner and not the financier was the CoR holder and if the new owner had been processed onto the register.

Of course I could always call the nice man from CASA about the seeming lack of 126.7 calls.

But then, why not out idiots here :D

21st Oct 2002, 05:54
i thought it was a requirement to be ignorant and stupid to even be considered to fly a ugly contraption like the metro

Hugh Jarse
21st Oct 2002, 07:25
But I thought you were a proponent of no-radio, Ulm?

Why the change?:D :D

Four Seven Eleven
21st Oct 2002, 08:07
Probably an ex-RAAF officer and honorary Civil Air member too. That would really achieve the "Ulm Trifecta" wouldn't it?:D :D

21st Oct 2002, 08:12
Couldn't have been ex-RAAF, these guys could at least fly. No way they were ex-civil air either, the aircraft was old and painted red and white. It wasn't brand new and plated with gold!!! :D

No radio, yeah that's fine, VFR. Never heard of a VFR NDB approach though. And I support no radio for unequipped a/c, not for people trying to dupe small airports out of fees. :confused:


21st Oct 2002, 08:27
Not to change the subject but what type of a/c is ZK-NSJ?

Hugh Jarse
21st Oct 2002, 08:52
Perhaps their batteries were flat from making so many radio calls, and they weren't carrying spares, rather than not transmitting?

They also may have been doing "aerial work" in the vicinity of the airport. You can do that VFR or IFR. So what's the difference?

So, to all you non-radio equipped pilots: When you are operating in your non-radio equipped aircraft in CTAFs, do you do the good citizen thing and inform the local council of your activities, and pay your landing fees just like those who use their radios do?

I didn't think so...................

I smell a double standard here. :p

Four Seven Eleven
21st Oct 2002, 08:55

:D :D :D :D

Can't think of a snappy come-back! :p

Also slightly off-topic: How do small airports charge the (legitimate) non-radio aircraft? (Assuming that radio calls are used to keep track of the others.)

Edited to add: Hugh J has probably answered the 'how' part of my question, and added the 'whether' himself.

21st Oct 2002, 08:58
Well, the bugsmasher has a range of all of 120 miles and no transponder. At home base i pay a set fee, at Merimbula I pay the man.

Anywhere else i give a 5 mile call from the trusty handheld. BUT, i only pay owners direct NEVER AVDATA!!! ([email protected]@rds)

21st Oct 2002, 09:03

ZK-NSJ Fairchild SA227-AC AC767 7257 Air Nelson Limited.

Hope this is of some help.

21st Oct 2002, 09:18
Thanks Kokako, if you scroll back you may be able to see a previous contributers tounge in his cheek.

22nd Oct 2002, 04:07
NSJ, it's a shame that people like you enter the aviation industry. Opinionated, hypocritical and out to make fools of yourselves.
Ulm, if your that heart felt about the subject, why not dob them into CASA, 225 them and be done with it. It always amazes me how so many people talk it up but never do anything about it!!!
And no, I'm not one of the individuals who was flying that aircraft nor do I fly for that company. Just give it a rest and be a bit proactive
Padlock please Woomera

22nd Oct 2002, 09:47
I don't like CASA.
I really don't like CASA.
I really really don't like CASA.

But what did they do that is Illegal, nothing really. Just cos I didn't hear CTAF call on my handheld doesn't mean they didn't make them and certainly doesn't mean I'm going to cause them grief by dobbing them in to such an unaccoutable organisation as CASA.

What they did was ignorant, stupid, ill considered and destructive, not in my view illegal.

Besides, you only get 'done' by CASA if they are out to get you. If you are a mate, then a free ATO-ship, or a ban on seatbelts without labels (so your wife can make lots of new ones), or closure of a competing business.

So what's the point.

Trouble is the CofR for that aircraft is listed to a finance company.

So that leaves only PPRuNe to shame them. :)

Critical Reynolds No
22nd Oct 2002, 12:36

Back to the Trike Ulmie.

22nd Oct 2002, 21:09
sniff sniff

I smell a CASA flunkie.


22nd Oct 2002, 21:50
ulm....You had a reasonable point and were presenting it with a degree of decorum, right up untilor a ban on seatbelts without labels (so your wife can make lots of new ones) Now I recognise the fingerprint of another turkey :rolleyes: .....Read my signature.....You just came second :p :p

23rd Oct 2002, 03:57
ZK-NSJ, no requirement to be ignorant to fly Metros..........

23rd Oct 2002, 07:06

I believe somewhere before you have identified yourself as CASA.

OK, the since you didn't like my quote would you care to absolutely guarantee that no CASA employee at the time of the seatbelt fiasco (airlines magically exempt, GA only :mad: ... except most of us ignored it!!!) had any involvement whatsoever with a Qld aviation seatbelt manufacturer by way of direct interest or family interest (ie marriage).

If you win by cheating and you are caught, you are lower than the loser!!!!

Ex Douglas Driver
23rd Oct 2002, 11:09
ULM, you're obviously a balanced individual with well reasoned comment and opinion to share, but.....

What the hell were you doing listening to your scanner at 5am? Not getting enough??

24th Oct 2002, 07:32

My house is right on the flightpath, lovely place usually, sand sea and airplanes. But after the second NDB approach even the sweet sound of aeroplanes becomes a bit much at 5:00 am.

It now appears Airservices got some calls, the local rag is going to run an anti-airport article and the sundry retired diplomats that live around me have found a new passion.

Jeez, I hope wherever those two idiots sprung from there ain't any more!!!!


24th Oct 2002, 11:57
Hello Ulm,

I am glad you were up to see us flying over Moruya the other day!!! (just kiddin, wasnt me)

However some news which may be of interest to you:

I have been assigned the job of the Sydney Overhead/Moruya Environmental Noise Abatement Procedures (SOME-NAP) as a result of this incident.

Effective immediately, the new departures from Sydney require all aircraft to fly via the 187radial SY to overhead Moruya, not above 3000ft, from Moruya intercept planned route and climb to planned level. The only exception is that Metro aircraft must be not above 2000ft to compensate for the lack of noise they make. Also VFR approaches no longer permitted at Moruya. All aircraft must conduct the NDB approach if intending to land there.