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Capt BK
19th Oct 2002, 20:24

Not sure if this is the forum to post but seems logical to me.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of restoration work. I would love to get involved in some large project but having no engineering background I don't know if anyone would have me, I'd count nuts and bolts in a box if i had too, just to be involved in a project.
I'm thinking of contacting Yorkshire Air Museum (only an hour from me), I hear their working on a few gems such as a DC3 but I don't suppose they would let be near anything. What if I did a part time engineering course or something?

Any views or advice would be greatly appreciated

20th Oct 2002, 11:48
Go and talk to them - most organisations like that are only too pleased to have more voluntary help and I'll bet you have skills that will be of use to them.


Troy Tempest
20th Oct 2002, 14:42
Yes - contact your nearest museum as I'm sure they'll take your hand off!! I'm involved with North East Aircraft museum and we are always looking for volunteers - no engineering skills are necessary as if you can hold a spanner you can assist. We always need more members as we have a large number of interesting (and unique!) restoration projects.