View Full Version : Passenger loadings in wake of Bali bombings

18th Oct 2002, 20:27
Hi all,
Just wondering what the loadings are like into Indonesia in general and Bali in particular after the bombing.

Are the pax heeding the call from the foreign office not to travel or is it too early to judge?

Interested in all airlines operating up there.

I saw from first hand experience the downturn in tourism after the Luxor attacks in Egypt and how long it took to get back up to some semblance of normality there especially given the massive measures the government of Egypt went to to guarantee the tourists safety.

ANy thoughts on how long it will take before Bali is again on the "must do" list or is it tainted forever?

Kindly keep to the questions asked, no need for a racial/religious debate.


En Avion
19th Oct 2002, 01:21
I was talking to the Garuda rep at BNE the other day, who said flights that had been booked at 100% capacity were now operating out at around 40%. He seemed to think it would pick back up eventually, but that's going to take time.

Most of the pax didn't seem that phased by it- I guess the old saying that lightning never strikes twice must have been some comfort to them!

Still not sure that I'd like to be heading up there at the moment...

Just such a pointless act though... who wins from it? Nobody.

19th Oct 2002, 16:54
And two bombings in Manila (central Makati and Quezon City) in the past 24 hours won't help south Asian tourism, either.

Eastwest Loco
20th Oct 2002, 06:56
The only ones really reaping the benefits at the moment af Fiji and other South Pacific nations - Fiji bookings running at 105% at the Fijiian (I know you cant do 105% - something to do with late checkouts.) and they are the top end of the market. I am sure Fiji would rather not be receiving the benefit.

Asia and in particular Bali has lost all appeal. Thailand is the next and most obvious target in the bar district, as well as Singapore - the Hard Rock or Bugis St would be obvious targets.

My biggest worry for now is how will all those wonderful Balinese people survive.

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