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Freek Flyer
17th Oct 2002, 09:01
Ive heard various rumors about QFs 747-200's and 300's, such as that they will be kept for another 10 years, others that they will be upgraded with glass.

Can anyone in the know confirm or quash these rumors?

Cheers All:confused:

17th Oct 2002, 12:28
It has been confirmed that the 300's have been given a life extension. Not to sure about the 200's however.
I know the 300's are or will be undertaking a new internal refit to bring them upto scratch soon.
As I get more specific details I'll let you know.


17th Oct 2002, 13:11
Freek, this weeks five year plan ( ;) )has the -300s around for another five to seven I think. Also, next year they start getting the upgrade on the flight deck. New nav systems, FMS, a glass EHSI at least to go with the FMS, I guess that means new a/p logic as well and you can bet other bits and pieces.

17th Oct 2002, 23:58
The cabin upgrade to look like a -400 with the same J/Y seats and entertainment system.
The AP stays the same with a V Path displayed on the EHSI. Also get an EADI.
KLM has been operating a system close to this for years except they also changed the engine dials to glass on the front panel.
One -200 is staying till end of next year at this stage. The -300's look like another 5-7yrs. This time frame is all word of mouth.


18th Oct 2002, 06:49
743s will be around until the A380s arrive. At that time, a shuffle will take place with some of the 744s taking over 743 routes and the 743s operating a new one way schedule to Arizona!!

18th Oct 2002, 07:49
The -200 will be kept on for another 18 months, and mainly used on the SYD CNS sector.

(from staff meeting with the company chief finance officer)

Freek Flyer
18th Oct 2002, 09:11
Thanks for the info! Much appreciated. :)

18th Oct 2002, 10:31
QF seem to have taken the 200/300 of the Tokyo-Cairns route and substituted 2 767 services a day. Anybody know why this is ?(more/less capacity?)

Also no direct route AKL-BNE. (Although one BNE-AKL per day)

This is all messing my staff travel plans about something cronic!

18th Oct 2002, 14:56
Hobo, the 2 767s is all about using or losing slots into Narita. They are baby sitting a slot for Australian and I think keeping their options open with flying in on the white rate from elsewhere. Least ways thats how the 'rumours' explained it.

There is more madness to it than just that but time doesn't permit me to add more at the moment!! :D

18th Oct 2002, 17:35
Thanks Keg, does this mean there's surplus capacity TYO-CNS at the moment with these 2 flights? I'm using that route soon, which is the one to go for 168 or 060? Do you know when is Australian due to start ex TYO?

18th Oct 2002, 23:24
It's also to do with the length of Narita B only being suitable for 767s, not 747s, with only enough fuel to get to Cairns, not Sydney or Melbourne. This frees up Narita A slots for the new NRT-MEL service with the 767.

Area 7
19th Oct 2002, 03:14

Australian has never mentioned NRT ( no J class). It is just as Bankstown said. Room was needed for MEL-NRT and thus it took the old QF69/60 jumbo slot on 16R/34L. The jumbo can't use 16L/34R hence the service was split into 2 767s for NRT/CNS.

Towering Cu
19th Oct 2002, 03:20
Just a reply to FFRATS. Everything I have read in the latest Flt Ops news letter and available on the QF Intranet suggests that the -300's will be upgraded with GPS updated CMA-900 FMS,triple Litton LTN-92 IRS,ACARS, Satcom etc, but only EHSI. My reading suggests that the mechanical ADI remains and that as no performance data is available to the FMC then VNAV and performance predictions are not available. It goes on to say that a Geometric VNAV will be a future addition expected on Qantas aircraft in early 2004. While the VNAV path would be displayed at that time, I don't believe they will be able to couple the autoflight system to it but rather use it as an indication with regards to high or low on computed profile.


20th Oct 2002, 22:08
I think you are right about not getting an EADI. A bit of dreaming on my part, along with looking at what it can have (pic's of KLM's cockpit) v's what it is getting.
The Vpath is like you say, not linked to the AP. I should have elaborated more. Good for a VOR/DME etc. profile. I don't see the wheel being re-invented when it comes to the descent profile for most guys.