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16th Oct 2002, 08:45
anyone got any news on freedomair 737 zk-sje blowing 2 tyres during aborted take off on monday 14th.. heard it may have been a cockpit window not secured??

18th Oct 2002, 17:25
Thats fairly accurate. Don't believe the tyres blew as such, but two were certainly changed. Alll they wanted was a breath of fresh air.......

18th Oct 2002, 19:53
Would you really do a high speed abort for a flight deck window not secure? Maybe there were other reasons!

21st Oct 2002, 09:11
Is Jase the Ace back working for them?

Piz Buin
21st Oct 2002, 20:39
Beautiful Seps... :D :D :D :D :D :D

Sharfted Groundhog
22nd Oct 2002, 19:21
Jase the ace is working for Daddy,I hear.....

23rd Oct 2002, 10:39
I heard that it was the tyres......