View Full Version : Sparrowhawk, and other early "parasite" aircraft

I. M. Esperto
15th Oct 2002, 14:34

Interesting bit of history here.

I knew one of those Sparrowhawk veterans, CDR Singleton.

Included is a photo of one operating sans it's landing gear, and an account of FDR witnessing the operation.


tony draper
15th Oct 2002, 22:18
I have seen a clip of a aircraft being released then hooking up again to the American airship AKron.
I believe the USA also experimented with a small Jet??fighter parasitic to one of the large Bombers.
Probably on a Discovery documentry, it was a while ago so I cant remember the details now.

oops sorry, I see thats already mentioned in the article,I should have read it instead of just looking at the pictures, but it was a film clip of the operation I watched

Who has control?
16th Oct 2002, 10:23
I think it was an F-84 Thunderjet (?) linking up to a B-36 Peacemaker

16th Oct 2002, 13:07
There was an F-84 used and also the McDonnell XF-85 Goblin which is what I'd call true parasite...

Here's a link with some info, there's probably loads more out there but my internet connection is a bit slow right now... Site doens't say whether they intended to hook the Goblin back up but I'd assume so.


Think the idea of carrying F-84s on each wingtip of the B-36 was awesome!



17th Oct 2002, 19:02
If my memory works as advertised, the XF-85 Goblin was meant as a parasite fighter to be carried by the B-36, but was never actually carried by one. Two Goblins were built, with retractable hook and folding wings (otherwise wouldn't fit inside the B-36's bomb-bay). The aircraft were test flown and the system was tested using a trapeze mounted on a B-29. Eventually this scheme was shelved and later on several RF-84s were modified and flown from B-36s. Any idea on how many were actually used??