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15th Oct 2002, 11:59
Hi folks,

Received this from a friend.
An interesting development but will other airlines be more forgiving ,especially when the pilots have now been found not to have contravene any regulation or operational procedures ?


OCT 15, 2002
Ex-SQ 006 pilots to undergo tests to fly again
By Dominic Nathan


SINGAPORE -- The three pilots of the Singapore Airlines flight SQ006 which crashed in Taiwan two years ago are one step closer to flying again.

Aviation authorities here on Tuesday declared that the three men at the controls when the 747-400 crashed and killed 83 people, did not break any regulations or flight procedures that justifies the continued suspension of their licences.

The pilots will now have to undergo and pass a rigorous programme of medical and psychological assessments as well as extensive flight re-training and subsequent flight tests.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore said that the decision to go ahead with the medical and flying tests was based on the recommendations of a five-member panel, including two pilot licensing experts from the UK and France, who studied the crash reports.

'The panel reviewed the facts of the case and interviewed the pilots, and concluded after a thorough evaluation that the pilots did not contravene any regulation or operational procedures that would require or justify the continued suspension of their licences. '

Although Singapore Airlines had terminated the services of two of the pilots -- Captain Foong Chee Kong, 43, and First Officer Latiff Cyrano, 38, -- in July, while the third man in the cockpit, First Officer Ng Kheng Leng, 40, remains with the airline.

Responding to the news, a spokesman for the pilots union said that it hoped that the airline will consider favourably its appeal to reinstate the two pilots.

A spokesman for the airline said: 'For our part, licencing and employment are separate issues. Our decision to terminate the services of Caption Foong and First Officer Cyrano was made independently of whether their licences would be reinstated. First Officer Ng is still employed by the airline but it is premature to comment on his possible return to flying duties.'

16th Oct 2002, 10:11
It does not mean they will get their jobs back as they have blown it in my opinion. One has to take responsibility for ones actions and this was OTT. They may get their licence back that is all and where would they get a job??? Lets be realistic.