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15th Oct 2002, 00:17
Have heard from a good mate that works there, that they are going well and getting very good loadings.

Also been told that they will be expanding their routes to other ports with the addition of new Aircraft.

Anyone with any info, and whether they'll be recruiting inthe near future?

Hope this story turns out to be a good one for all the boys and girls involved.

Keep up the good work!: cool:

Aussie Freight Dog
15th Oct 2002, 01:20
Im not sure what the loads are like on the Taree run, but the loads are far from "very good" on the Cooma run. Was told the other day that they had two down and one back on the morning flight. Its that time of year where the loads begin to drop off because the snow has almost stopped falling, but you cant make any money with only three passengers on a rpt run. Hope the numbers are better than what I have been hearing, and that recruiting does take place in the near future.