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Amazon man
10th Oct 2002, 22:00
Can somebody give me an idea of the tail logo on a QANTAS B707 in the days when they were operated.

I have seen the VJet on John Travoltas B707 but am not sure whether this was as the original.

Reason being I am commissioning a painting for a retirement present.

Any pictures or links would be much appreciated

10th Oct 2002, 22:22
Amazon man, your Email is turned of so I can't send you a picture.

If you look in www.airliners.net you will find a picture of the original QF B707-138 with pure jet engines prior to the fan retrofit.

The logo was a white tail with a flying kangaroo in red at the top, two parallel horizontal red stripes with Qantas printed between them.

The V-jet logo came later with the fan retrofit.

Amazon man
12th Oct 2002, 10:46
Reflex 10,

Many thanks for the info.