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Willit Run
9th Oct 2002, 23:56
Saw a BA 777 reg# VIIF in BWI yesterday with a nice Biff in the left wing leading edge towards the tip. Approximately 2 feet long 10 inchs into the leading edge.

Rumor has it, twas a light pole!

In trim
10th Oct 2002, 06:57
Don't you just hate it when those light poles drive into the side of your aircraft like that!

10th Oct 2002, 13:09
Its all right - the 767 takes over the route again soon. Sounds like one less light pole to avoid now anyway...


From ba.com:

Arrivals Information updated 1 minute(s) ago.
Flight Number Departing From Arriving In Scheduled Time of Arrival Estimated Time of Arrival Actual Time of Arrival
BA0228 CLT BWI 08OCT 19:50 - 08OCT 20:07
BA0228 BWI LHR 09OCT 09:00 - Cancelled


10th Oct 2002, 21:56
It's bad enough with ramp guys backing into planes, and coach drivers driving into fuel trucks that are trying to refuel aircraft!

Or is that only natural at Stansted :rolleyes:

10th Oct 2002, 22:59
When the BWI airport authority do construction work and then paint multiple lines it becomes a bit difficult. The 777 knocked over a big, unlighted, light pole.
Also in mitigation ATC sent him that way and with all the construction lights glaring it is easy to lose sight of which line of several to follow.
There with luck, I did not go!!

11th Oct 2002, 08:31
Just out of interest, was it taxying in CLT-BWI, or out for BWI-LHR?