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Blue Sky Baron
9th Oct 2002, 23:47
Happy Birthday for yesterday friend. :eek:

Hope you had a really great day, well as good as someone of your VINTAGE can have!!!

Just how many decades was it????


BSB:rolleyes: :D ;)

9th Oct 2002, 23:57
My thanks, BSB, for your good wishes. 6.3 decades, to be precise, but the only time "vintage" was raised, it was in a glass or three of a delightful White Burgundy at dinner with the family, followed by a couple of glasses of a true Demarara Rum, at home, with the car safely in the garage.

Cheers, old son, take care,

Kind regards,

TheNightOwl. ;) ;)

10th Oct 2002, 00:19
6.3 decades. That means that you are actually 30% of the way through your SEVENTH decade. But I guess you don't want to think about it that way. :D

Buster Hyman
10th Oct 2002, 00:39
If you were female & AN was still flying, you could get a job as a Flight Attendant!!!:D :D

(That'll get back!;) )

All the very best Nightie!

10th Oct 2002, 01:30
Oooohhhh, Buster, now you've opened the floodgates, stand clear, mate!! Thanks for your wishes.

Dogbreath: Your maths is spot-on, but I don't hve any age hang-ups, I was 63 yesterday and nothing is going to change the fact. I have led a, (to a degree), charmed life, most of my working time in the inimitable world of aviation, for which I thank God. My family life is without peer, a wife who has withstood the rigours of 22 years' RAF life, all over the world, followed by 19 with AN finishing with a less-then-desirable crash. She has been the light of my life for the past 43 years, on the 31Oct02, but who's counting? We have stood by each other through everything, have two daughters to be inestimably proud of, and three grand-children. With the exception of now having to attend a job which affords me very little satisfaction, I have little to complain of, I think I can truly say "I am a relatively happy and contented person", what more should I be asking?

Kind regards to all,

TheNightOwl. :)

10th Oct 2002, 03:16
Me three, Happy Birthday.

And that was only the first half, with any luck the next half will be even more fun.:cool:

Now did I tell you where they have a really good line of zimmer frames, BMW ones even.:D

cabin secure
10th Oct 2002, 03:23

Some of us were young and gorgeous:p

And Happy Birthday Night Owl!

10th Oct 2002, 03:23
Happy Birthday for Yesterday, TNO (Grandad!)


10th Oct 2002, 10:10
Happy Birthday for yesterday The Night Owl
Regarding your anniversary...gee, has it really been 1 year since that celebratory dinner at The Black Angus??

Hey, wonder how BSB is gonna out-do his efforts this year :p :p

Here's hoping you and the lovely Mrs will be joining us for a few early next month at our party ;) (I suspect I owe you a call by now too!)

Many Happy's from Disco and GG


10th Oct 2002, 11:30
Night Owl:

From one "Hairy arsed highlander" to another, happy birthday, McMate! :)

Still a few years for me to catch up, though! :D :D

10th Oct 2002, 11:40
I add my felicitations to those of Disco Stu and GoGirl. Happy Birthday!

Think I missed meeting you at the OzBash...well, sooner or later!:D

Buster Hyman
10th Oct 2002, 12:38
...and the Black & White photos proove it, cabin secure!!! :D :D ;) :p

(I was going to say rock paintings, but that's taking it too far!)

11th Oct 2002, 00:36
My thanks to all for your good wishes, I shall now retire to my corner and quietly consume the remainder of my birthday rum until next year.
Zarg: To my undying shame, I have to admit that it has to be rum, I cannot stand the taste of whisky, not even the epitomy, Islay Mist. As for the "years to go", fear not, they'll be here soon enough, old son.
GG: Heard your news from BSB, good luck with the move. Yes, it's another year in the anniversary stakes, just keeps getting better!! God bless, take care.
Pseudonymn: check your e-mail.

Kind regards to all,

TheNightOwl. ;)