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9th Oct 2002, 11:41
Senior pilots have resigned from easy in recent weeks. What do they know that the average line pilot does not?

The recent advert for a post at Ford air attracted a flurry of applications from current easy pilots, including one right "near" the top. Also , at least two training captains have resigned in the last month and recently one top trainer resigned his post. Couple this with a flurry of resignations at Go after the take over and a shortage of an alredy overstretched resource seems inevitable. Recuitment would be an obvious answer, but the latest twelve offers of employment sent out were never returned. On top of this , some below par recruits were canned ( quite rightly) and there has been an exodus of Virgin pilots to their old airline. Are the Belgians next to go or will it be the Dutch? The English are being offered Stansted slots en masse by Ryan who are keenly trumpeting about how stable their rosters are. It will only be when the pilot resignation rate exceeds the business plan allowance that things might change and per chance that time may be upon us??

Fly Star
9th Oct 2002, 12:00
Pilotofjet, I had just a quick look through you posts on pprune, and it seems that you have a bit of a problem with easyJet.

You spend your time slagging of what seems to be your employer, and I think that you'd better do something else. The kind of comments you make should stay in the private forum I think, because what you are doing is just damaging your company's image and indirectly your own Job...
If you think that EZ is no good, you should see the rest of the industry where wages are a lot lower and threat on Jobs are permanent. Things are not perfect I am sure, but what you are doing is neither helping your company, nor you.

9th Oct 2002, 13:02
steady on old chap.
He has a right to his own opinion as does anybody using pprune.
Ill arrange pistols at dawn if you wish.:cool:

9th Oct 2002, 14:21
Current buzz is that easy are offering megabucks to 73 trainers at birdseed in order to entice some to fill a glaring hole!

9th Oct 2002, 14:34
Why is it then that my and many other's applications have never been replied to by Joyce L?
I have plenty of hours on the 737 no prang or other record, safe and sound, but not a squeek from eJ.
It just shows that things are not followed up prorely and as a result you poor guys are working your bo**ocks off.
Get that company into shape before it's too late.

9th Oct 2002, 14:36
May be it was your spelling.:cool:

9th Oct 2002, 14:37
If a number of folks are leaving - then it should come as no surprise.

Not because it is EZY and / or GOE!!!

Whenever there is a merger, folks leave. It is expected and planned for by those making the merger. The reasons will vary of course but the change from a small developing company to a medium sized enterprise will not suit all. Also, you are going to land up with two heads of all the same departments. That has to be resolved. Some folks might have been thinking of leaving but decided to wait another few months to see if there might be some financial offers on the table.

I have been retail, local government, financial, chemicals, freight and a number of other sectors in my 22 years of work. It is always the same.

Therefore, I would say that this news is no news!

9th Oct 2002, 16:42
Mentaleena, I share your sentiments entirely!

14,000 hours, circa 5,000 on B737 variants, 2000 hrs as sim instructor on B737, over 25 years in the airline business!

Just what do you have to do to get an interview? OK I am not current on type but I don't think I would have much trouble with the conversion course.

9th Oct 2002, 16:47
bob....how did you manage to copy my secret details....:D
anyway...same story here!

King Kee
9th Oct 2002, 18:46
It's understandable that some have chosen to leave after the [email protected] summer with the well-publicised rostering disasters. However, things are settling down and I would expect the leaving rate will stabilise?

Growth for the next few months is not excessive, with the next major batch of deliveries next summer. Time to catch up a bit!

Capt.Paul Skinback
9th Oct 2002, 19:22
Frankly if the guys and girls from Holland and Belgium are fed up up,then good riddance! And anyone else.There is an awful lot of homegrown talent out there who have invested a lot of in British flying schools. It is soooooooooooo boring listening to the gripes and moans on the flight deck and crew room each day.Some of us have been made redundant at previous companies and believe it or not quite enjoy the relative job security that easy offers.Sure it has problems,but show me a company thats really any better?

9th Oct 2002, 20:25
Capt.Paul Skinback, I do not often post on this forum but every now and then I get fed up and feel the urge to post a reply.

We have pilots of Dutch and Greek origin in Easy that came over to the UK some 5 years ago. They have filled a cap in the recruitment drive of Easy when your so called 'homegrown' talent didn't even want to use the application forms as replacement paper in the loo.
Now that unfortunately the market has taken a downturn, they should be replaced with guys like you? Quote: 'then good riddance!' I think not:mad:

These guys like everyone else who have joined Easy years before it's current 'success' helped build the airline to what it is today.
Moreover, I think that when these guys (any nationality: English, Dutch, Greek, Belgian, etc) are beginning to gripe and moan, something may not be as good as it ought to be.

You also tend go on and on, sentence after sentence after sentence ....... typing away, please hit enter every once in a while. This might not make it so hard to read your post.

If you are fed up reading about Easyjet on PPRuNe, may I suggest you don't read the post and save us your sorry comments! :mad:

On another note, most foreign pilots in Easy/Go have done all their training in the UK. Thus supporting the English economy and providing job security for the home-grown flight instructors, managers, office staff, etc, at the flight school. (It all begins to sound a bit nationalistic, I really hope this is not what you wanted to imply)
And really did you think that if all these foreign pilots would all of a sudden leave Easy it would create a good opportunity for the home-grown boys and girls? Unlikely, it would be a right mess as one just cannot replace experience that easily.

Anyway I had my say, hope we fly soon:rolleyes:


9th Oct 2002, 20:48
Hear,hear,flapless-well said.Capt foreskins post(?) was soooooooo tedious.Out of interest(ref original topic),just what does constitute a 'senior' pilot in our happy,clappy,egalitarian,orange world?

10th Oct 2002, 09:13
Skinback you've only been here 5 minutes - give it time!

Colonel Klink
10th Oct 2002, 09:30

Excellent post!! your comments have hit the nail right on the head.

Col.Klink::cool: :eek: :p

10th Oct 2002, 11:50
Maybe they're leaving 'cos they've realised that Easy is a dump. Despite the 'happy clappy we're all chums' image of the low-everything airlines, they work you all like dogs.
Maybe they're leaving 'cos they've realised the future's not so Orange after all.
Cue abuse...:D

10th Oct 2002, 14:19
Sorry to hear you got turned down.:cool:

10th Oct 2002, 14:37
has GoEasy stopped 'listening loudly' ?