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Freek Flyer
7th Oct 2002, 04:39
I know this comes up often but couldn't find a recent one.

Just wondering if anyone knows of what QF courses are coming up? I've heard the next few may be cadet courses, is this true?

Cheers All

8th Oct 2002, 00:42
Patience Grasshopper!

Back to the top.....anyone, please.:D

Crash & Burn
8th Oct 2002, 00:47
I know of two people who have recently been given Oct 23 2002 start dates.

One ex-An 747 SO and one GA instructor. Neither of them cadets.

8th Oct 2002, 03:40
Spoke to recruitment today--mentioned that they had been tied up recently with cadet recruitment.
I was told that direct entry hiring is continuing--wasn't given any numbers or timeframes though.
Hope this helps guys and gals,


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8th Oct 2002, 05:21
All cadets from courses commenced in 2001 are now in QF. The next few courses should be DE courses. You may find that the powers that be aren't processing applications at the moment due to processing cadet applications for next year (applications closed at the end of September) but this should have little impact on those that are due to get the nod over the next couple of months.

8th Oct 2002, 12:12
Latest is one course a month for the next 12 odd months. As Keg said, cadet applications for 2003 are being processed at the moment so patience is the key, but plenty of direct entry slots happening. With the 747 Classic life extension program approved there will be at least another 12 Classic S/O slots to fill on top of the 8 recently filled as the type will be around now until 2008. More 744 ER's & 737's also coming. Overall, the recruitment looks healthy, however, a week in aviation is a very long time as we all know!

Freek Flyer
9th Oct 2002, 08:34
Thanks for the replies guys and gals,

Hey YMML how are you buddy?

10th Oct 2002, 01:49
Some very helpful info considering we get nichts from the horses mouth. Thanks.

Is RH still out of.... I mean, in control up there? :rolleyes:

10th Oct 2002, 14:09
believe so bargearse, last i heard!

luna landing
12th Oct 2002, 02:35
Can anyone tell me how this works...

Friend (ex AN) applied to QF and was told before his application could proceed, he would have to do all these courses - Physics, Maths, English etc even though he passed these subjects for his HSC - the reason being - that it 'was so long ago'.

My question is, how is that any different for any current QF pilot who has been in the airline the same amount of time and did their HSC back then too... are they all doing courses???

This guy is doing casual jobs to try to support his family - just scraping a living together and can't afford to stop this income let alone go interstate for several weeks and pay the costs for these courses.

I believe that once these courses are completed, you may be allowed to sit the "test" and maybe get no further....:eek:

15th Oct 2002, 11:04
Does anyone know when this year's cadets will complete their training & be available to Q? A friend told me that there were approx 27 cadets (does that sound right?). I am very curious as I am a DE applicant on active consideration & am trying to find out how big the cadet list is & how many DE applicants are on active consideration.

15th Oct 2002, 11:38
Not sure of the ratios of Level 1 to Level 2 cadets. From memory, the CPL cadets take about six-ish months so they may take a few slots in the coming months. Ab Initio won't be available to start until early March or later next year.

mr hanky
16th Oct 2002, 23:54
Hi Luna

That sounds pretty strange - plenty of us have joined in the last few years having left school 15, 20 or more years ago, with no mention at all of any extra courses. Also I've seen no mention in any of the entry standards of an "HSC recency" requirement.

Perhaps your friend should talk to someone a bit higher up the chain to get this clarified.

17th Oct 2002, 02:57
Well, here's the answer I was looking for.

RH is being replaced shortly. Yeehah :D

17th Oct 2002, 13:53
This year's ADL Level 2 cadets have finished with predicted late Nov start dates. The MEL group are almost done and are expecting the same. So the Nov course will be mainly cadets. You won't see any more till at least April next year when the Level 1s finish.

Cadets taking the bulk of positions is a bit of a myth... there are about 30 cadets a year (give or take) with a total of 180 people a year (give or take) getting the job! That's not forecast to reduce - at least not today! :D

Bargearse, be careful what you wish for... there are flaws within the system (as with any), but in my opinion (and many others) RH has done a pretty darn good job over Qantas's busiest recruiting years...


17th Oct 2002, 23:01
Hey Bargearse,

'Being replaced' - yeah because she's returning to the flight deck.

Get over yourself.

18th Oct 2002, 02:08
Seems I've touched a nerve mmmbop. I'll reply in same.

I, along with the hundreds of others that have been and are still being stuffed around by the recruiting process, will get over ourselves as soon as Qantas fixes this joke.

You cannot leave people in limbo for years, under "active consideration" or the "hold file" or whatever they're calling it today, only to finally tell them that they're not successful. It's happened to many people I know. For [email protected]#k sake, just tell us yes or no to start with so we can get on with it. Ansett were able to do it before they went under, why not QF?

She did not help with any of this, in fact things got worse when she took over from her predecessor. It can only improve with her replacement. Good luck on the 73.

18th Oct 2002, 05:24
You've probably touched a few nerves Bargearse! It's fairly ignorant to personally attack her as the cause of your concerns. They're so busy over there giving people jobs, I can't imagine there would be too much time to scratch yourself, let alone think about changing the system.

Not to mention it seems a bit misguided to bite the hand you want to be fed by...

Luna, haven't heard of that either - any revised word from Q?


18th Oct 2002, 06:39
Don't know about the job RH is doing, however, from my experience with QF recruiting, nothing seems to run very well there. Reflection on the abilities of management maybe? You can be as busy as a one armed paper hanger and have things running like clock work, but only if your management is adequate.

I doubt RH deserves all the flak, but there is an undercurrent of applicants either in or soon to be in, that hold a resentment towards QF re the way they were stuffed around prior to starting.

19th Oct 2002, 01:07
Thanks for the info keg & lancer. I didn't think the cadet to DE ratio was too high.

As for RH and her staff, they have always been friendly & professional when dealing with myself or my associates (some have received employment and some haven't). I don't know whether the "system" is flawed or not (I don't work there), but you can't run around attacking the staff at recruitment - they're just performing their job as briefed, they don't make the "system".