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tony draper
6th Oct 2002, 11:07
The Dambusters is ITV at 3pm ,also another documentry about the development of the Harrier on channel 5 at 8 pm tonight.
Dammnation don't they know most civilized folks are having the're after sunday lunch kip on the settee at 3pm.;)

6th Oct 2002, 11:22
I wonder what the dog will be dubbed as in this version............;)

6th Oct 2002, 16:01
A wonderful invention, the VCR!

In this version, Gibson's dog 'Nig.ger' doesn't have a name at all - hence the odd continuity thanks to the hacked about scenes.

tony draper
6th Oct 2002, 16:08
Ah yers, still a good movie, they don't make em like that anymore.
I hear Tom Hanks is working on his English accent for the remake. :rolleyes:

6th Oct 2002, 16:42
I am outraged that the TV companies have capitulated to PC in a Classic movie. You can't change the name. We all know what it is and so should the populace. Perhaps HRH has a point about PC - where valid and important memories and matters of historic interest are being desecrated for the sake of a bunch of hypocrites.

What about the BLACK ONLY AWARDS? What about a 'proposed' ban on WHITE male MP's (according to todays Mail on Sunday). The world has gone 'kin mad. :mad:

I watch that movie several times a year. Brilliant stuff!

6th Oct 2002, 16:49
But if you listen carefully, and speak the morse-ish tongue, the real name was still there.......

(I may stay on this forum for a while, people are being rude to me on the Mil Forum:( :( :( )

tony draper
6th Oct 2002, 17:04
The Mil forum is not for the faint hearted. ;)

8th Oct 2002, 11:35
You just have to understand the twin concepts of irony, and most importantly banter (a UK Mil tradition) and you'll be fine!

9th Oct 2002, 12:04
Actually Wycombe old chap, my parenthetical remarks above were ... err ... ironic. And my banter (for which 30+ years RAF service has trained me) is on the mil forum (Home to Duty thread inter alia) for your inspection........;) ;) ;)

But I thank you for your kind and helpful thoughts.:)

11th Oct 2002, 20:36
Went for a looksee and return suitably amused.

Thank God for the Mil Forum, almost feel myself back in the light blue (and sometimes green!) again....all the fun without the things that weren't :)