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6th Oct 2002, 09:05
Well it seems that BACX may be making further cuts to their operation. According to dispatchers around the country they have managed to sell their J41 aircraft, which ultimately will mean the closure of crew bases at LBA and NCL. A further blow for NCL has been the continued speculation that GO/Easyjet are to start a BRS/NCL service.

Ten Knots Fast
6th Oct 2002, 10:56
I hadn't heard that - and I fly the thing!:eek: :eek:

6th Oct 2002, 19:50
This is complete hokum... Just where do these idiots come from...
geez... :rolleyes:

6th Oct 2002, 20:35
First of all the J41 are on LONG TERM leases, not owned. At the time FSAS was announced we the Dash 8 community in BRS were told that our fleet had the lowest lease costs and DOC of all fleets including the J41. It was the companys intention that as J41 and ATP leases expired they would be replaced by Dash 8-300 and possibly 400. Source-GM UK Business.

The difficulty in all this, BRAL signed long leases.

Fly on the Wall
7th Oct 2002, 18:19
Just for the record, BRAL didn't sign the long leases. It was Loganair and Manx Airlines when under the ownership of the Airlines of Britian Gp., ie British Midland. I bet that they are rather pleased with themselves now!

8th Oct 2002, 06:27
The J41's are going East(ern). Yes, Sir MB did very nicely out of the original deal but the leasing package is something CX wish to dump along with a few flight crew!

Don't get upset this is part and parcel of BA management they are complete B******s. Please don't take my word for it go and ask them to deny it, TDLF would be a good place to start.
Sorry for the bad news Regards BP