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5th Oct 2002, 13:27
Just seen on Ceefax about an emergency landing at Aldergrove involving a BMI 737.
"The British Midland flight from Belfast City Airport to London Heathrow was forced to turn back because of technical problems.
The 737 jet carrying more than 200 passengers made a safe landing at lunchtime.
A Belfast International Airport spokesman said the plane was diverted there because of its longer runway and greater emergency cover"

Mister Geezer
5th Oct 2002, 13:35
Good to see that the Media are using the wrong facts and figures.... yet again! :rolleyes: More than 200 pax in a 737 - that would be very interesting to see! :D

Off the BBC website:

A plane has made an emergency landing at Belfast International Airport.

The British Midland flight from Belfast City Airport to Heathrow was forced to turn back on Saturday because of technical problems.

The 737 jet, carrying more than 200 passengers, made a safe landing shortly after 1230 BST.

Uel Hoey of Belfast International Airport said the plane was diverted there because of its longer runway and greater emergency cover.

"In circumstance like this the safety of the passengers was the paramount consideration,"he said.

"Thankfully the aircraft landed and taxied in safely and there was no disruption to other services."


5th Oct 2002, 15:26
A/C was A321, landed safely and taxied to stand.

Passengers all disembarked normally and incident stood down.....thank goodness!

Kalium Chloride
5th Oct 2002, 15:53
Fair enough Mister Geezer the media cocked up this time...although I wonder which numbskull told the Beeb that it was a 737.

But 200 pax in a 737 isn't a remote possibility -- the 737-900 will have capacity for 205, I believe.

5th Oct 2002, 17:20
Problem with the left hand elevators, I heard.

5th Oct 2002, 19:20
Bmi's scheduled A321's only seat a max of 195 if they are in an all economy config, I doubt that they would have had one of the charter config'd a/c (215 seats) operating that service.

Glad to hear it all ended safely though.

12th Feb 2003, 08:15

With a config of 195 and a crew of 10, that makes 205 people ?

12th Feb 2003, 08:38
Off topic, but the 737-900 is limited to 189 pax (as is the -800) owing to emergency exit constraints.


Flip Flop Flyer
12th Feb 2003, 09:51
Why are you turning this board into a web replica of the Sun?

Why are you reporting non-events, quoting rubbish from the Beeb?

How come a complete non-event, inaccurately reported, can draw almost 2000 views?

We are so quick to shoot down the press when they, as per their SOP, get their facts completly wrong and report, as per their SOP, even the most minute of incidents. Yet, time and again threads are started on incidents such as this one. Indeed, if an EZY pilot farts at FL330, the report is on the beeb and on this board before the aircraft lands.

Maybe this little incident was interesting to the crew, perhaps a passenger was even scared a bit. But newsworthy on this here board, nope.


Max Angle
12th Feb 2003, 11:17
Read the dates on the first posts, this incident happened months ago. It was a LH elevator problem caused by a faulty ELAC.