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5th Oct 2002, 10:15
Have a look at www.notsefromasmallmind.co.uk to see some colour pictures of a Pfalz replica taken at Eastleigh Hampshire UK in 1965, some Halifaxes from 1946 and other interesting shots

Hope you enjoy them


vintage ATCO
5th Oct 2002, 17:27
I think that should be www.notesfromasmallmind.co.uk !! :D

Nice site. Somewhere I have some old piccies from (mainly) Luton in the 1960s but I need to find them in the loft first!! :confused:

vintage ATCO

7th Oct 2002, 13:03
How to advertise on Pprune - get bounced from Private Flying forum for it so adopt new identity and try again on a different one:mad: