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4th Oct 2002, 23:07
Always disjointed, disorganised, and hanging off the last thread, but never quite to this extent!!. PX appears to be floundering in a massive amount of debt, bought about by the usual total mismanagement at all levels.....and......

- "mate" QF's little requirement for a B767 on code share. Have heard the deal on this is a total rip off ( it would be out of character for PX to sign up on any deal that isn't). But not just that, the Bus still has to be paid for until 2005!.

- PX engineering is fast becoming a total joke, pening(sic) off aircraft with a history of problems no one can be bothered fixing, causing recently: embarrassment on international ops, loss of a spey, and loss of confidence of all aircrew.

- Rostering and operations in absolute disarray, with aircraft unservicabilities adding to the variables of uneven swindling of overtime, crew rest and general disinterest of all involved.

....and who is to blame, no one other than ......

- Loss of all goodwill from the vast majority of expat crew, due in the main to erosion of their contracted terms and conditions, without consultation.....Nothing new from arrogant mid-management.

....and how to solve the crisis.....

-Urgently required in PNG, to save the 'national' airline..... QF groups BAE146's....... Ha ha ha, yeah right......

4th Oct 2002, 23:19
It seems that "sooty" has been in control for too long with the obvious results.

Bring back Dieter Seefeld I say!

7th Oct 2002, 11:25
1013 - I couldn't agree more. However, I have been hearing the death sentence being passed on Pixie year upon year, and they still manage to stagger on.!! Let's start a "Bring back Der Kaiser" campaign. He would sort the Pollies out, and bring back some profitability, not to mention pride in the outfit again. Incidentally, I was listening to a popular UK Radio show, the other day, on from 5-7 in the evening, so it is listened to by most commuters in their car on the way home from work. It listed the best and worst places in the world to work, comparing 150 cities globally, on such parameters as, Schools, Law and Order, Weather, Facilities etc etc etc.
I bet you can't guess which came out top of the list.?? Yep, good old Nambawan - Port Effing Morbid.!! Now, I didn't see it that way when I was there, but then my obsession was Aviation, so I was like a kid in a candy shop. However, I was also a survivor of the great Dero Club massacre, which did colour my viewpoint as well. Anyway, it was good to see POM come out number one for a change.!!
By the way bluefly ...... the 767 deal is with Air New Zealand, not Qwannas. As for the bus being paid for another three years..... where does that come from. It doesn't seem very likely to me, but perhaps you could enlighten us with your sources. :cool:

7th Oct 2002, 12:12
Taildragger, while you are quite correct regarding the harbringers of doom for PX, it does seem as this deal, although with AirNZ, is a result of the QF desire to have a 767 not a BUS operate the service between AUS an PNG. There are many dark forces amassing against the National Airline and any resemblance of loyalty for past service is in one's imagination only. I hope for all concerned that he latest developments do not continue the trend of lurching from disaster to oblivion.

7th Oct 2002, 23:25
Sounds like the Chairman and Board may have something to answer for? The Chairman has never been reticent in telling all who would listen, how good he is.

And I doubt Der Kaiser would be a panacea of all ills.

8th Oct 2002, 07:53
And I remember a succession of PX GM's - Carrott Top, CBG, JJT and Der Fuhrer all blaming all of Pixie's financial woes on Talair stealing Pixie's revenue!

Bwhahahahahahahaha!:D :D

8th Oct 2002, 10:30
I can't see "Der Fuhrer" going back to Pixie. :(

TD ... unless you :-

1. misinterpreted the report; or
2. quoted from the "other" list; or
3. read a different report to the one I saw...

Port Effing Morbid was at the top of the "worst" list. Real world-wide recognition and pride of place at last, eh? :rolleyes:

8th Oct 2002, 10:59
OZ ...... Yup. It was best of the worst.!!! Why dontcha call the Poskurria and get it in the Drum.??

28th Oct 2002, 22:59
Taildragger, it didn't have to go in the drum. The Post Courier ran the entire article.
Torres, was that the previous chairman, Sir M or the new one?

29th Oct 2002, 07:24
Yep, the good ol' Pos Guria :D reported the whole thing. There was, thereafter, a short flurry of huffing and puffing by a few of the pollies but then it all just died - as all such news tends to do. Oh well, that's a cheaper reaction that trying to do anything to improve things...

30th Oct 2002, 01:53
FarCu. I thought MB was the current Chairman? Have they appointed another?

30th Oct 2002, 07:51
One tiny piece of overdue good news. Pixie's latest F28 acquisition, P2-ANS, is going thru CofA in BNE this week. The process began last Monday and the word, so far, is that it's all going smooth as silk. Good news indeed that they'll soon finally have another F28 available, to ease the pressure of the current schedule.

Chimbu chuckles
30th Oct 2002, 12:24
But will they have enough drivers to fly them?


31st Oct 2002, 08:22
I'm sure in 2-3 years Alliance will be able to give them a few F100's to replace the old F28's.

Chimbu chuckles
31st Oct 2002, 14:02
Was chatting to Col Bubner today...PNGK at USD0.20:eek:

Beginning of the end?


1st Nov 2002, 09:44
And down to 36 Oz cents today too... :(

So, Chuck, are ya cummin back to work for Col again? :D

Chimbu chuckles
1st Nov 2002, 13:45
Not on your life. I have fond memories of PNG...why go back and spoil them. Just rang him on behalf of a young bloke I know tasol.


edit because I found fond was spelt found:D

4th Nov 2002, 07:29
Can't say as how I've found fond :D memories of late. But, just to prove that all roads STILL lead back to PNG, there's a certain former MBA/APNG driver, of somewhat questionable ;) Scandinavian ancestry who's on his way back here after a 2 year absence.

Latest report suggests he'll be back here in December. Maybe the prospect of another European winter was too daunting to contemplate? :D

4th Nov 2002, 07:43
Had a couple of holy waters at the dero with him last week. Is it confirmed that he will be joining the department. If he is, good stuff, we need more blokes like him in there ! ;)

8th Nov 2002, 02:14
the nick for recently departed CEO PR?

8th Nov 2002, 11:21
Hotpot ... I understand that the interview went well, but I suspect he's dreaming if he expects the wheels to have turned by the time he returns in December. I was one of several who reminded him of the concept of "Melanesian Time"... :p ahhh, how quickly they forget! :D

Anyway, yes, it seems like wheels are in motion for him to join us at CAA. I just hope he realises how much bullsh** he's letting himself in for. However, must agree that we need blokes like him who've been around the industry a good long while and have a good rep!

11th Nov 2002, 21:23
Torres. Sorry I took so long to reply. I believe the entire board has been replaced, though not 100% certain. Joe Tauvasa (not sure of spelling) is the new chairman. Graham Hawthorne is also on the board but the rest I don't know.

11th Nov 2002, 21:32
Thanks FarCu. There's obviously a bit of recycling going on. Joe's been there before as CEO. Graham (not spelt correct) is ex AN and GA.

Chimbu chuckles
11th Nov 2002, 23:14


12th Nov 2002, 00:08
Very succint comment, Chuck! :)