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Freak On A Leash
1st Oct 2002, 09:59
Raed in the local paper this morning that Lufthansa is planning to expand next year, and to employ around 400 pilots.

Any truth to this at all?Links?

Kerosene Kraut
1st Oct 2002, 10:10
Info seems correct. Next year's plans at LH: 340 new pilots, 1800 FAs, and 410 ground personel in FRA and MUC. Plus 600 university graduates including 100 engs.

(german) http://cms.lufthansa.com/de/dlh/de/presse/0,3373,0-0-528432,00.html

P.S.: LH have started to accept ready entries again and just took 60 swiss pilots.

1st Oct 2002, 10:57
Maybe time to pick up on the german language skills again then...

1st Oct 2002, 11:27
First you will need to survive the struggle with LBA to obtain a validation of your licence....


Kerosene Kraut
1st Oct 2002, 14:35
Well, if LH really wanted foreign pilots LBA never got in their way. Remember the gents from Romania back then?

1st Oct 2002, 16:31
My point exactly......

So as far as I am concerned....these are just rumours!!!

1st Oct 2002, 17:58
Information is 100% true. Lufthansa is looking for Ready Entry Pilots. You have to be able to read this in German: http://www.lufthansa-pilot.com. Go to Direkteinstieg and you may read essentials. Good luck. :)