View Full Version : Air N.Z B737 AT EGKK.

29th Sep 2002, 19:51
Does anybody know why a Air NZ B737 was at London Gatwick today. parked outside the B.A hangar. seems a long way off track. :confused:

29th Sep 2002, 20:22
It probably was a B744 but has had a few parts fall off and the quick fix was to reshape the remaining structure as a B733 :D :D


30th Sep 2002, 02:45
I believe this aircraft, a -300 model, is the prospective ZK-NGO, Air NZ's 15th of the type which they have aquired from BA.

30th Sep 2002, 04:53

Loved the uccent. Had to laugh

30th Sep 2002, 05:42
Its a very small glasshouse to be throwing stones in! both nations can hardly claim to speak the queens english. oops, sorry dont australians speak american?
ps. what is dunnunda? sounds like a cows titties?

30th Sep 2002, 06:58
Got one!

30th Sep 2002, 07:42

Whilst ever Americans make aircraft out of 'aluminum' and paint them in pretty 'colors', we'll be speaking English and not that awful American dialect.

'Dunnunda', old son, should not need explaination. Depart out of LAX 24L, don't make too many big turns, and you'll get there about 14 hours 40 mins later...

30th Sep 2002, 08:01
Its probably a freighter engaged in returning all the debris thats
falling off their 747's,or was it one of Ansetts thats been painted up so no body would notice?

30th Sep 2002, 09:19
ttesna, you are a bit slow buddy, that joke has been used already, get some original material.

30th Sep 2002, 09:33
saucer of milk...table #1

30th Sep 2002, 13:01

Are you a kiwi? or is it you Ewe is menstrating?
Or maybe you haven't forgot the Trevor Chappell episode.

Dont let your gyro topple ttesna :)

30th Sep 2002, 13:36
Why are they buying -300s from BA? They very recently owned an airline that had 24 of them, several of which are VERY available, and the purchase of which would put a few reddies the way of the people they SHAFTED!!!

30th Sep 2002, 16:31
Speaking of disguises, I did see one of the old Ansett 733's at Stansted on 7 Sep. Looked pretty lonely sitting over on the eastern hard stand all by itself painted up in Channel Express colours.

30th Sep 2002, 21:02
Gee Wizofoz, maybe they're buying ex BA 733s because the AN ones were poorly maintained in Australia? Of course this is just a speculative theory, probably as valid as the grand conspiracy theory about Air NZ deliberately buying AN just to shaft all those hard working Australians.

You know the old saying, "If you can't beat 'em on the sports field, buy one of their companies, pour in a billion dollars or so to the Australian economy, close down your much vaunted Austalian airline, nearly bankrupt yourself and get bailed out by your government" yep, I think that's the way it goes.

As far as the accents go, what was last weeks score, "Suxteen, tun" or "seexteen, teen"? Of course if we lose the NRL finals, we'll then have to buy another under-achieving Australian company, pour in billions etc etc

And to think it all began because someone asked about a 737 in London....

ps: BIK_116.8 I hope your post about the Air NZ flight planning dept entering incorrect co-ordinates into the database isn't refering to the Mt Erebus crash that killed 257. If it is, nice one mate, lots of class.

Lapsus linguae
30th Sep 2002, 22:00
Ansett? who are they?

1st Oct 2002, 13:36
yes it is indeed ZK-NGO (to be) currently G-OAMS, and being ferried out Thursday by a friend of mine.



2nd Oct 2002, 01:45
BIK_116.80, Air NZ flight planning department dont 'churn out' databases of any kind. Care to expand a little on this inside knowledge you have?

2nd Oct 2002, 06:21
Perhaps BIK was referring to the DC10 accident.

3rd Oct 2002, 03:07
yes, very well done, am glad to see someone knows the facts, the -300 in question is not being bought but in fact leased from GECAS!

amazing how a simple aircraft query can turn into an airnz insult session, you aussie's should really stop your bleating about ansett. get over it.

as for you ttesna, you are a bloody idiot!!!

Pax Vobiscum
4th Oct 2002, 12:02
GoEasy - sounds fun if you like that kind of thing - hope your friend has a good flight!

Can I ask a daft question (as a non-aviator) - why the westbound routing? Wouldn't eastbound be slightly shorter, with the prevailing winds and avoid the lengthy oceanic crossings?

Pax Vobiscum

Anti Skid On
5th Oct 2002, 08:36
Probably because Air NZ have fuel accounts in LAX, HNL, etc. and their crew (okay their 74 & 76 crews) have experience of flying these routings. Going east they'd have no access to established fuel accounts until SIN and they'd have to do the run around those places like Afghanistan, etc. that many commercial airlines do not fly over.

Pax Vobiscum
5th Oct 2002, 10:58
Thanks Anti Skid On.

5th Oct 2002, 11:26
Pax Vobiscum

And apart from avoiding some of the more hostile and dodgy airspace it's pretty much the old six of one half a dozen of the other in distance.


5th Oct 2002, 19:18
doesn’t have to be about 737s, innythung ken turn unto en airnz unsult sission. why just the other day I bah-bah-baaaaaaaahhhh-umped into some of the leds trying on their new velcro™ gloves down at baaaaaah-ondi beach.

WHY are these kiwis so uptight? ewe’re hangin on too tight, mev, turn in your wungs. I think its fairly obvious that he was NOT referring to ere-baaaaaaah-us

its not their fault, it was their unadorned, uncouth, unconscionable, uncoordinated, unconvincing, uncongenial, uncalled-for, unclean, badly-dressed and downright butt-ugly P/Munuster that messed with their heads baaaaaaah-ut the boys taught it a beg lisson with their tugs and trolleys lest year at milbourne. it’ll think twice before taking on the unions here again. and rightly so. especially now they don’t have an air force. we can dish out what we like and they have no choice (“CHOICE!!!”) baaaaaaah-ut to eat it.

since they erased one of our airlines I think it is only fair that we erase something of theirs. ummmmm…. how about that stupid “bird” they named after a piece of fruit? speaking of which I met a kiwi fruit the other day.

“thumply gooooor-jith, daaaaar-lung.” HAHAHAHAAAA ! ! ! ! ! funniest thing i ever heard.

7th Oct 2002, 07:38
It's not that we are uptight Gravy, it's just that we get sick of the same old sheep & accent jokes. If you are going to take the peeess, can you at least make an attempt at being original or is this asking too much?

It's all in the DNA mate, remember our ancestors "chose" to emigrate.

Oh, and as far as "erasing" one of your airlines, weren't you taught at school to erase any mistakes you made?

Boeing Belly
7th Oct 2002, 08:27
It's a pity that so many of you Sheepboys still "choose" to emigrate.

7th Oct 2002, 12:31
OK Gravy, So you hang around in gay bars .........

7th Oct 2002, 13:07
Pax Vobiscum -
have heard of ferries routing through the Gulf & various Indian Ocean islands, but given the current fun & games, North America is probably a little less fraught!!

CI300 -
one of the choisest phrases ever to come out of an investigation - 'I was subjected to an orchestrated litany of lies' - came out of the Erebus DC10 inquiry. Just hope the lessons were learnt. Pity the learned judge didn't last very long after that.