View Full Version : Constellation over EHAM?

29th Sep 2002, 09:21
What a lovely sight yesterday at EHAM :-) ... A Connie flying in formation at 1500 ft over the airport while we lined up for departure on 01L!

What was the occasion!

Sharjah Night Shift
29th Sep 2002, 09:31
I saw it depart from Manston yesterday morning on the last leg of it's ferry flight from Arizona to Lelystad.

30th Sep 2002, 12:14
I saw them in Keflavik Iceland (BIKF) a few days ago. I heard they where going to be used in some movie!

30th Sep 2002, 19:32
Night shift is closest to the truth! The constellation you saw has been purchased by the Dutch aviation museum 'Aviodome' for her collection. It was stored in Arizona and has now been ferried to The Netherlands via Michigan, Goose Bay Canada, Keflavik, Duxford UK and Manston UK.

It is now at Schiphol where it will be painted in full KLM colours, after which it will be based at Lelystad where the museum will be located after the move next year. Plans are to keep her airworthy, but my personal guess is that she won't fly that much.

For more info: Aviodome Website (http://www.aviodome.nl)

vintage ATCO
30th Sep 2002, 20:16

I think you are talking about the C-54s at BIRK. They are now at North Weald for a film about the Berlin Airlift.

Have a look here:


Nice but not quite up to a Connie! :)

vintage ATCO