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28th Sep 2002, 10:37
I see in todays Daily Telegraph (28 September page 7)that of the to 20 earners in the Uk Pilots have had a 36.3% increase, ATC planners and controllers 33.9% compared to General Managers (i.e your boss 110.4%.
The two groups had the smallest increase in the top 20.
Source Office of National Statistics.

And I've now found the link:


28th Sep 2002, 13:47
The main reason for compensation erosion is predatory pricing in the industry.

Quite regularly an airline will try to steal a march on the competition and start a price war.
Those with the deepest pockets feel that they can put seats on the market at below cost and drive the competition with shallower pockets out of the market, and then raise fares to recoup.

More often than not this does not work, and all concerned take a bath.
The affected airlines then go to the employees and ask for concessions "to ensure the survival of the airline".

What should happen is that the managers should be made to pay for their costly mistakes, not the employees.

There should be some form of control on below cost dumping of seat capacity on the market, as this negatively impacts on the long term viability of the whole industry, as well as the employees.

28th Sep 2002, 17:12
The survey also shows that we pilots have gone from 2nd to 5th in the league most of the other professions staying the same except for those money grabbing barristers who went from 8th to 2nd.
We really do have a low concept of our own worth.

Gin Slinger
28th Sep 2002, 17:17
Ten years of aggressive trades unionism is the only way to climb back up the league.

28th Sep 2002, 19:51
Fellow Pilots........................

Trade unionism was a effective tool in the 20th century. We have to unite worldwide and get what we deserve. I can see it coming not too far in the future when we have a worldwide pilots agitation. That alone can solve our problems.

Young Paul
28th Sep 2002, 20:28
Well, whilst I'm not going to turn away money offered, do we really feel that pilots should be the fifth highest paying profession?

Actually, come to think of it, should barristers be the second highest?!


28th Sep 2002, 20:57
Looking at Alf Garnets' grand-daughter....
No way Jose
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy

28th Sep 2002, 21:18
Don't forget that whilst the demand for pilots (and to a lesser extent atcos), is cyclic and dependant on the economy, there will always be a need for barristers to defend us when we turn to crime when times are hard..........:p ;) :p

29th Sep 2002, 05:38
When I started with a company called BOAC in the sixties, a lot of the pilots had become barristers by working in their spare time. God knows what they would be earning now by being on the top ten list twice!
bunkabuser retired from the top ten ;)

29th Sep 2002, 09:19
Whilst sympathetic to the title, I notice that Engineers don't rank at all! Luckily we're not in the lower 20. And as the beancounters continue to "save costs" there'll be less of us. And we'll still be on lousy money. And as for the other unfortunates, loaders, dispatchers etc.......

30th Sep 2002, 11:21
Sounds about right to me. Never ever devalue yourselves!
If anybody else wants to be number five on the list by the way then there is nuthin stopping you, (other than massive personal and financial commitment, risk, oh and one of the worlds most competitive job markets.) But like I said, wanna do it, nuthin stopping ya!

30th Sep 2002, 12:06
Notice all the professions in the top ten are PAYE.
I know an excellent plasterer who easily makes 100K 'cash in hand' working in London.
I make a good salary but that nice Mr Brown takes most of it ( even more next year )
Right. I'm off to Wickes.....