View Full Version : Two C-54s possibly due into North Weald today

27th Sep 2002, 09:41
No details on this one I'm afraid but there are two C-54s at Reykjavik that are going to be trying for North Weald today - they're going in there for some filming work. One in MATS colours, one in a more or less bare metal scheme with red stripes.

And no, I can't make it - work have been kind enough already letting me take a long lunch break to catch the Connie on Wednesday, better not push it and ask for another one when I don't even have an ETA...

Final 3 Greens
27th Sep 2002, 10:13
I hope they don't take all the avgas - I want to fly my Pup tomorrow!

27th Sep 2002, 10:35
From all accounts they'll just arrive and fall to pieces on the ramp. I'd be more wary of FOD than lack of fuel!

Who has control?
27th Sep 2002, 10:52
Any idea how long they will be staying at N-W?

Spot 4
27th Sep 2002, 11:22
Whilst I suppose 2 knackered old aeroplanes landing in England could be seen as " Nostalgia", perhaps it is time for a spotters forum else we get such tosh all day everyday!

Not my idea of nostalgia but then I suppose each to their own.


27th Sep 2002, 11:53
Who has control - several weeks I think. Filming for some Berlin airlift programme/film.

Spot - you don't think C-54s qualify as aviation history? To each their own indeed, if you think this is 'spotter tosh' then why bother reading the thread?

27th Sep 2002, 13:23
Well, said, Damien; if an old propliner can't get your juices going then what kind of Professional aviation person are you, eh???

Any idea on the routing? If they're coming anywhere near STN I shall be glued to the office windows!!

27th Sep 2002, 13:37
No idea on routing but I'd think they'd avoid busier airports like the plague.

Just heard only one (the silver/red striped job) managed to get into the air this morning, ETA at North Weald is 17:15ish.

27th Sep 2002, 13:58
That'll do me, I'm just leaving STN about that time and heading North, so with good viz. she should be well in view!

27th Sep 2002, 14:07
Are you getting North and South mixed up? :)

Got the ID wrong - it's the MATS one coming in today, not the silver/red stripe one.

27th Sep 2002, 14:34
Sorry Spot, I think posting details about aeroplanes of this type transiting the country - and C-54s and Connies are most certainly nostalgic perhaps particularly to many of us who missed their heyday - is definitely relevant.

I might have managed to see the Connie thanks to Damien's timely post - though sadly I couldn't - and I'd love the chance to see the C-54s fly. Reading about them in "Flypast" in a month or so just aint the same as hearing those old radials turning.

Plus - you never know - we might get some nostalgic reminiscences from the people who used to fly such aircraft.

27th Sep 2002, 14:43
No, definitely heading North - so if she's enroute from Iceland then it should be a good view. Is that 1715 UTC or local?

27th Sep 2002, 15:04
Local as far as I know, so she'll be in the circuit at North Weald if you're leaving STN around that time, hence my confusion as to how you'll manage to see her by looking North!!

27th Sep 2002, 15:09
Try an' sneak off early and hope she'll be slow!!!!

27th Sep 2002, 15:10
Scrub that. Just spoke to North Weald and they say the aircraft has gone tech - icing problems - and returned to Iceland!

27th Sep 2002, 15:33
Thanks for info! Looks like my employer will get a full day out of me today then...........if I can stop ppruning, that is!

27th Sep 2002, 15:39
Ahem :)

They may try again tomorrow - but I won't be able to post tomorrow, will be too busy watching a display at Cottesmore.

27th Sep 2002, 17:33
Not my idea of nostalgia but then I suppose each to their own.For those who flew or rode in DC-4s, I would say this qualifies as a major dose of nostalgia. Personally I would go (and have gone) out of my way to see these old ladies in the air.

Might do the younger generation some good to ponder that it wasn't always possible to cross the atlantic in 7 hours at FL390 !

27th Sep 2002, 17:36
The DC-4/C-54 with the red stripe is probably this one www.spiritoffreedom.org/. The other one painted in MATS colours is on the airshow circuit in the US. I can't remember who owns it. There are several DC-4's still working for a living in this country, with Buffalo Airways. Sadly, one of them was damaged, probably beyond repair, in a landing accident a couple of weeks ago. :(
Go to www.buffaloairways.com/ and click on heavy freight or fire suppression to see the '4s.
A quick comment. If a DC-4 isn't history or nostalgia, I don't know what is.:)

27th Sep 2002, 18:23
pigboat, the DC-4s are not those you suggest, but a couple of resurrected long-time 'desert queens'. I won't post the reggies since the sound of jerking knees would no doubt be deafening. But go here (http://www.network54.com/Hide/Forum/213163 ) if you're interested.

Lew Ton
27th Sep 2002, 20:28
Does this help: http://www.verslo.is/baldur/newest.htm

27th Sep 2002, 23:21
Hmmm! Turns out North Weald were mistaken, and the C-54 pitched up at 18:45. Ah well... win some, lose some.

28th Sep 2002, 04:09
Have noticed an unusual amount of activity 'round the four DC-4's parked at FFZ in Arizona. Four engines have been run-up, removed, crated up and sold in the last two weeks.
Someone must need 'em.

Chuck Ellsworth
28th Sep 2002, 04:20
If you guys like old prop airplanes, go have a look at our PBY in the hangar at North Weald.

There is a old piston engine airplane that is restored to as good as new, correction better than new. It has all the modern IFR equipment in it.

So go drool over that one.

Cat Driver:

28th Sep 2002, 07:24
C-54/DC-4 arrivals are definitely worthy of a spot in the AH&N forum IMHO. I can't go and see them just now but I like to know they are in North Weald.

Chuck ,if I taxi my little Auster over to the Cat, d'you think the powers that be would allow them to have a chat while I drool over the Cat :D :D.
Seriously though, if a few of us Ppruners got together and met in NW, is there somebody we could talk to who could arrange for us to have a drooling session? We'd promise to wipe her down afterwards :D :D

28th Sep 2002, 14:23
Thanks PT. Looks interesting.

Final 3 Greens
1st Oct 2002, 21:22
Saw the C-54s on Sunday - wow.

My 7 year old son was amazed.