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26th Sep 2002, 12:01
Having watched Jeremy Clarkson's video, he flew in a Tornado Fighter jet, only to get into a discussion about female pilots, it is said (I'll stay impartial here!) that females make better Pilots due to they're ability not to be sick or nauseous whilst in mid-flight.

And they have a psychological advantage of using both side of the brain at once, unlike the male's one side at a time. Along with this, academically, females are out numbering the males on top grades at school/college/uni.

Read into this however you want, but the point here is... they have a distinct advantage in the Pilot occupation field, and top that with Equal Opportunity in the work place.

Ali G once said..."Would you trust a wouman flying your Palane?"

26th Sep 2002, 12:14
Oh don't know about not being sick in flight. I have been twice. :(
There have been many threads and discussions about female v's male pilots before.
I don't call myself a female pilot, I call myself a pilot.

26th Sep 2002, 13:18
I wonder what is up with the recent threads regarding the gender of pilots.

It seems rather amusing to me, especially living in a country where women have been airline pilots for 30 years. It is such old news, and no news, really.

I have flown with a vast assortment of "female pilots" (using this term for those that insist on making an issue of it :rolleyes: ) ; similarly, I have flown with many, many, "male pilots". The only distinctions I have been able to draw, in all my years of flying, concern differences due to individual personalities not gender. I agree with redsnail, the above poster: there are only pilots; not male pilots, not female pilots; just pilots.

Freak On A Leash
26th Sep 2002, 14:20
Piloting is a mechanical skill and anybody can learn how to do it, just the same as walking, cycling, driving swimming etc. But not everybody should!
What divides the good pilots from the not so good pilots is how the preflight (not only the walkaround!) os done.If safety is stowed away, or left on the ground then your chances of having an uneventful flight is halfway out the door.
BTW I had a female instructor and she held the same standards with regards to flying as any of the male instructors.
Gender doesn`t matter.

26th Sep 2002, 14:57
What a boring answer!!

Yes it is a procedure job and all about pushing the right buttons at the right time. But there is a difference in the Human Performance side of the job, like it or not.

26th Sep 2002, 16:03
I am curious as to why you say the answers are boring. Is it because your are attempting to stir a pot, when in reality there is no pot to be stirred ?

I am also curious to your assertion "there is a difference in the Human Performance side of the job". Upon what factual basis do you make that assertion?

Do 30 years of actual, real, confirmed experiences of professional pilots (actually working day-to-day in the industry, mind you) mean nothing, or are you simply determined to cling to psychobabble theories?

It's recently become very popular to spout "we're wired differently, so we must therefore work differently" etc. etc. etc. rubbish. These concepts are attractive to small-minded people, because they use these "theories" to limit others. The true reality, however, is that gender differences are no more important, and probably much less important, than other personality factors which are not driven by gender: motivation, interest in the subject matter, discipline, attention to detail.

That's all there is to it. Give me a fellow pilot who is competent (i.e. solid flying skills, good thinking and decision-making), who is motivated and pays attention to detail while keeping the "big picture" -- and I'll show you an excellent pilot, male or female. Both genders have proven that fact since the beginnings of aviation.

Stick with facts, not emotion-based "popular theories". :rolleyes:

26th Sep 2002, 18:17
Oh no, not another "female pilots" thread (huge yawn). Why don't you just do a search for all the others on this non-topic, and you'll get every opinion there is. No, this is NOT interesting.

27th Sep 2002, 12:21

Too many "Politically Correct" people here, I'll go back to talking Finances, ATPLs, IR/MEs, Hour Building, Did u hear of the Malgus thing.........blah blah blah!!!


27th Sep 2002, 13:39
It has nothing to do with PC. You posted something obviously looking for a fight. You didn't get one.
I suggest you do a search in this forum and others for further discussions. This topic comes up (excuse the pun!) every couple of months.
I think you have a lot more to worry about than female pilots. Approx 1% of all commercial pilots in the world are female. Your competition is mainly from the other 99% that aren't female.
If you want a fight, post it in Jetblast and see how you go. :D

Ray Ban
27th Sep 2002, 14:36


30th Sep 2002, 13:56
This subject has been done to death many times before and is of no practical use to anyone - male or female. It, and any attempts to resurrect it, will be closed.

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