View Full Version : Skytrain first flight 25 years ago!

26th Sep 2002, 09:13
No, not the C-47!

Heard an interview with Sir Freddy on the radio last night. Apparently today is exactly 25 years since his first transatlantic Skytrain flight. When asked whether he would have been part of the "cut-price" airlines today, he said no, because they are only short-haul, which does not interest him as much!

Any offers as to who will be the next transatlantic "cut-price" operator?

26th Sep 2002, 10:28
that was a great day.Enjoyed every DAY of it.
1982 was a bad year and its never been the same since.:)

26th Sep 2002, 12:40
Good ol'Freddie! Shame there aren't more like him about. Didj'a know he has been known to attend the ATEL reunions at Sarfend?

26th Sep 2002, 17:40
i was always suprised that maggie thatcher let ba shaft freddie laker, mind you she was a politician. and as for the c47, well im english and we call it a dakota!

26th Sep 2002, 20:11
Good grief! Makes me feel old! I was there. Saw the first ticket sold and waved bye bye to the first DC-10 departure. Big sigh! (drifts off into nostalgic haze.............)

27th Sep 2002, 06:22
Don't forget BA were in public ownership in 1982, it was Maggie who shafted FAL (and all us staff), not just BA.

28th Sep 2002, 06:36
Didn't Freddie's mum own a scrapyard at Sarfend immediately post WW2?

I seem to recall him getting his start in the airline business by not starting an airline immediately post war but sensibly letting the enthusiasts go bust first. Wasn't one of his first ventures leasing Haltons (civvy Halifaxes) to the RAF for the Berlin Airlift before diving into the shark infested waters called the airline industry? Is this true or should I carry on taking the tablets ;)

PS the first flight of the C47/Dakota ne้ Douglas Sleeper Transport (what a catchy name) was on 17th December 1935. So closer to 65 years ago than 25 :eek: