View Full Version : 767/757 Jobs Air Mauritius

25th Sep 2002, 14:25
Just like to know if any aussie's applied for recent positions advertised on the Air Mauritius web page recently and how'd they go. The close date was 31 July.

Nice place to live, but very expensive.

27th Sep 2002, 07:28
I have a list that indicates a couple of former AN 767 Capts have starts. At least one was what some knowledgeable posters here would term a scab, so I suppose that's another airline who accepts them.

Sorry fellas.

27th Sep 2002, 09:12
My information comes from an Australian flying one of their ATRs who reports that Air Mauritius has too many pilots endorsed on the 767/777 and is short of pilots with type endorsements willing to fly the ATR. Some flights are having to be cancelled and crews are being pushed to max hours and called in on RDO's to keep schedules.

I was also told that Air Mauritius was more inclined to hire if the candidate had any family connection with Mauritius but a recent application from such a person failed to receive an acknowledgement even though one would have thought they had sufficient appropriate experience with considerable jet hours.

Suck it and see.