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13th Sep 2001, 19:06
Letter from Chief Executive to the staff at Cathay Pacific Airways

Clearly the tragic events of yesterday will have a very significant impact on our business. It is too early to speculate how deep or long lasting the effect will be. However, we can be certain that it will make the down turn even worse.

Clearly as a management team we will be doing everything to secure our future where possible and I want staff to be reassured that we have matters under control. We will need to review our operating plans in the light of the circumstances as they unfold.

Travel is likely to be affected and, of course, our costs may be raised by fluctuations in the price of fuel. Apart from the psychological impact on the travelling public's willingness to fly, there is also the likely possibility of declining stock markets seriously affecting consumer confidence.

As we have done so many times in the past we will combat these problems together as a team and I look forward to working with you all on these issues. I will let you have more information as things unfold.

Our thoughts go out to those directly affected and to their families. American Airlines is our oneworld partner and our thoughts are with Don Carty and his colleagues.

David Turnbull

This is the rambling of a selfish, money obsessed moron. Thousands of people dead and injured and he rants on about CX's business prospects.

He does not represent anyone at Cathay Pacific Airways.
The real staff at Cathay Pacific offer their unconditional condolences and sympathy and support to those involved in the events that have unfolded in the USA over the last couple of days. We are here to offer any help we can.


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13th Sep 2001, 22:41
To be fair to the man, he's being paid to run a company and seems to be doing his best to assure those relying on him, that things will be ok. He has extended his regards, concern and sympathy, there should be no need to question his motives.

The Guvnor
13th Sep 2001, 23:01
Good grief, Herb! What's your problem here? David Turnbull says quite clearly "Our thoughts go out to those directly affected and to their families. American Airlines is our oneworld partner and our thoughts are with Don Carty and his colleagues."

He's CEO of CX, and that was obviously a memo sent out to CX staff, and based on what you say in your post you are apparently one.

Accordingly, he's quite right to say that recent events will affect CX - and indeed pretty much most airlines around the world.

Your post is the rambling of a selfish, strike obsessed moron. Thousands of people dead and injured and you rant on about CX's management.

Jack The Lad
13th Sep 2001, 23:02
Sorry Herb, but I feel compelled to take issue with you over your post;

1. How can David Turnbull's statement be perceived as "the ramblings of a selfish, money obsessed moron" ??

2. He does offer his condolences to those "directly affected and to their families"

3. Most importantly, as CEO of a major worldwide business, his employees and shareholders alike would naturally expect him to assess and then react to the inevitable consequences that WE (as in the 'whole world') will enevitably face as a result of this outrageous and very tragic terrorist act. Every single business and community around the world is trying to evaluate and therefore respond to what might occur. This directly affects your livelihood and welfare!

Whilst I have considerable sympathy with the CX pilots and the way that they have been traeted recently, your posting does little to enhance your credibility in the eyes of the world community.

13th Sep 2001, 23:22
Ok, maybe Herb is a little sensitive about it, but I think it would have been nicer from Dave to give his thoughts, simpathy etc FIRST then talk business. Doesn't change anything but MEANS a lot.
I understand what you mean Herb, even if expressed in anger.

Jack The Lad
13th Sep 2001, 23:45
OK Flyblue, here it is:

Who is more insensitive? David Turnbull or Herb?? Who the f*ck cares about the CX pilots dispute against the background of such an enormous loss of life that affects thousands and thousands of families around the world that are grieving right now??

You think Herb is a little sensitive about his 'minor personal, selfish worries'..i.e. that his terms and conditions are being eroded?

You understand the rantings of a 'selfish, money obsessed moron' (you and Herb alike?)

You take the biscuit on this one jerk...to hell with your petty troubles...they sink into sheer insignificance. I'm ashamed that fellow pilots could use such a tragedy for their personal crusade.

Sir Kitt Braker
14th Sep 2001, 01:12
Herb-BIG mistake, I hope you put more thought into your flying than you do to your posts here. Go sit in a darkened room for a while and engage brain (if you have one).

Desk Driver
14th Sep 2001, 01:18
It has to be business as usual! We have to go on and show these bastards that we will not be beaten. Yes sympathys should've been extended first but otherwise runs along the lines on a memo from my boss.

For christsake Herb stop trying to score points for your squabble......Not out of this!