View Full Version : JP Group, not an ad for financial gain.

Noisy Hooligan
22nd Sep 2002, 07:59
Hi this is not an advertisment for financial gain. Please allow this topic onto the forum moderators, it is a genuine proposal and aimed at bringing like minded individuals together for huge amounts of fun. PPRUNE is the perfect forum for this.

Are there any commercial pilots out there in wanting to join a Jet Provost group at North Weald?
Beautiful JP T4, Share price 2K, 95 pcm, 85 per flight + fuel @22p per litre.
If you are interested, please Email me: [email protected]

PPRuNe Pop
22nd Sep 2002, 09:45
I will put this into Aircraft History and Nostalgia. I will also put it into Admin. This is because I wish Danny or Rob to decide on it.
If it stays up you may be grateful. If they decide to remove it then it has obviously fallen as a questionable advert.

Quite fair I think.

22nd Sep 2002, 22:50
Hi mate,

I'm not a commercial pilot but would love to see how to get fuel at 22ppl.... that can be sold on in any event.

22nd Sep 2002, 23:05
mitten - the jet provost, being a jet engined a/c, uses avtur or 'Jet a1'. Not as much tax as on avgas.

24th Sep 2002, 13:32

Thanks for that.... but Jet fuel is 30ppl everywhere else, including North Weald!

Come on Noisy H.... tell all