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tony draper
22nd Sep 2002, 08:17
In Memoriam To
Dr. Thomas Righetti
November 9, 1940 -
September 18, 2002

President and co-founder of Wings over Miami

Dr. Thomas Righetti was killed on Wednesday when his MIG 15 Fighter Jet crashed near Wilmington, North Carolina while on his way to an air show at Oceana Naval Air Station.

Tom was President and co-founder of the Wings Over Miami Museum. The Museum family is greatly saddened by Tom's loss. He was a great friend, pilot, and colleague. He was instrumental in founding the Wings Over Miami Museum, seeking funding, and organizing the museum's Board of Directors. Tom's F86F, MIG 15, Nanchang CJ6A, and Stearman PT17 were on display at and flown from the Museum.

This aircraft has featured in a few discovery documentries.
The site posted a pick of the crash site but I saw little point in posting that.

PPRuNe Pop
22nd Sep 2002, 10:11
>>last line>>

Good for you Tony.

Met the man once in Miami many years ago. A more dedicated person to perpetuating the past I don't think I have met.

Very sad. RIP Tom.

tony draper
22nd Sep 2002, 11:49
I watched a interesting documentry yesterday about the airwar in Korea .
Ivan sent quite a few pilots to fly the Mig15, and caused our chaps a great deal of trouble.
The Americans were exceedingly ticked off that we had handed the Neme engine over to Russia.

22nd Sep 2002, 20:31
Nene Tony: though not to detract from the loss of anyone so committed to preservation of aviation history.