View Full Version : Anyone remember Excalibur ?

16th Sep 2002, 09:19
About 10 ish years ago i went on a 99 cheapie to Austria, or Ibiza, or possibly Spain. Anyway we flew with Excalibur airlines. It was the nicest charter i've ever been on. In answer to a thread on another forum i have searched the web for any info but can find no trace of the airline. Can anyone remember them. Their corporate colour was a sort of purple.

PPRuNe Pop
16th Sep 2002, 11:44
I am afraid this has been done to death on another forum.

But if you have something new that hasn't been said before..................


16th Sep 2002, 16:48
Erm, no nothing new , still trying to find out some of the history about an airline that i feel a little nostalgic about.

16th Sep 2002, 23:39
I'm afraid "Company X" has been mentioned once or twice !!

Best airline i've ever worked for, what do ya wanna know ?

17th Sep 2002, 00:10
JB, thanks for replying, basically we were musing on charter airlines we had flown with and i mentioned this one. Nobody had heard of it , and i wondered what had happened to it. The forum moderator has more or less told me to wind my neck in and you refer to it as "company x". Have i dabbled with dark forces or what ?:confused:

Jet Dragon
17th Sep 2002, 04:13
yes B-H I remember Excalibur - seem to remember that they disappeared into what was then the Airtours fleets.

Some nice looking A320's !! Fond memories of special trip to Manchester to take pictures of their first A320.



17th Sep 2002, 21:53

Nah, don't worry, you haven't upset anything. It's just EXC's demise has been mentioned quite alot and very recently in R&N.

"Company X" became an effectionate term for those of us that had lost our jobs - X company - eXcalibur - get it !!!!??

A fab company, a fantastic workforce, a quality product, great looking brand new A320's and a hell of alot of fun...

As Jet Dragon mentioned, most of the aircraft were then leased by Airtours when EXC collapsed..