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Anthony Carn
15th Sep 2002, 07:08
The BMI forum is working now , but colleagues I talk to are'nt aware of this , or how to access it .

Click on "user cp" top right of this screen .

Cheers !

15th Sep 2002, 07:13

i dont have a 'user cp' at the top of my screen, so others may not either!

Anthony Carn
15th Sep 2002, 07:25
This raises the question -- how does one obtain a "user cp" dodah at the top right of one's screen if one does'nt have one at the moment ?


How does one access the BMI forum without even using the "user cp" thingy ?

Any computer whizzes out there ? ( I'm useless with computers and am already beginning to wish I had'nt started this in the first place . Me and my big ***** ! )

15th Sep 2002, 12:12
Hi everyone, not being an authority on this, but the easiest way is to go to the bottom right of the screen click on the "hop to selections", then select bmi and do what it asks for which is essentially send an email to me including:- staff no /seniority number with you real name and pprune username. All details are deleted after verification.

Email [email protected]



15th Sep 2002, 18:17
That 'user cp' is there, but not very obvious... I bet everyone has one if you look! Its in the top right hand corner of every PPRuNe
page amongst a collection of links under one of the little ad, and looks like this......

PPRuNe Forums
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15th Sep 2002, 19:05
If I go to the bmi forum and log on (under a different name) I am told there have been no postings there in the last 1000 days. What am I doing wrong?


15th Sep 2002, 20:05
Maybe because...
The lights have gone OUT, due to all the guys having applied to Easy.

Have always thought that Sir Michael was on the right track... seems that BA (or the 'government' of the time) has done 'em in..hardly surprising...:rolleyes:

16th Sep 2002, 06:39

Maybe(just guessing)......
You have to register with fadecprimarychannel.See his post above.
Don't select 1000 days,select on of the drop down options.

Anthony Carn
21st Sep 2002, 07:51
Got onto the BMI Forum today by simply clicking on the same main Forums list as Reporting Points , Aircrew Notices etc .

Make sure you're logged on , then just scroll down and click on bmi . If you've registered with fadec_primary_channel you go straight in , otherwise you need to look back up this thread ( the one you're on now ) to see how to register with him/her .

Anthony Carn
27th Sep 2002, 21:02
Been using the BMI forum for a while now and am a bit surprised at the lack of activity . Just my impression . Maybe I'm just over-active ! ( wait for the replies ! ) .

There seem to be fewer posts and topics than other comparably sized airline forums , although the recent technical problems may account for some of this .

It's been suggested that worries about anonymity may be a factor , but apparently once your staff number etc. have been verified as correct , then the whole record of your application to join is deleted .

It seems like a waste of an anonymous discussion forum protected from outsider interference .

Cheers !

( By the way , last weeks meeting of the Apathy Society has just been cancelled . )

Count von Altibar
28th Sep 2002, 00:34
I agree AC. Where the bloody hell is everybody?! Does nobody care about the current state of play or has everybody just given up....

28th Sep 2002, 07:41
Given up trying to get into the bmi forum !

28th Sep 2002, 07:46
All the HOT discourse is over on the balpa forum.

Join NOW !! :cool:

Anthony Carn
28th Sep 2002, 08:45

If you are a pilot with BMI then you can get onto the BMI forum easily now . There were problems , apparently , which have now been solved .

Please read the previous posts , especially the one by the moderator , fadec_primary_channel .

Hope this helps !