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14th Sep 2002, 16:19
Take a look at this site, and make sure your speakers are turned up. The sound alone'll make you misty eyed.www.douglasdc3.com/

14th Sep 2002, 17:32
Blimey! Nearly blew me speakers up...! I'll probably still be shouting in the pub tonight!

Thanks PB!

15th Sep 2002, 02:32
Heh, heh sorry treadigraph. Was pretty well worth it though, wasn't it? :D

Capt. Crosswind
15th Sep 2002, 07:23
Thanks Pigboat, even found a photo of one I'd flown.

15th Sep 2002, 12:04
Oh yes!

In fact I'm just toying with the idea of waking the neighbours up!


Kermit 180
17th Sep 2002, 09:17
The rumble and smell of two Pratt & Whitney Radials. Bliss. Great site!

Kermie :)

18th Sep 2002, 09:37
Excellent PB

Took me back 12 or so years to when I was a regular pax in a venerable old Dac in RSA. Loooooved the sound of them radials.

19th Sep 2002, 01:31
Capt. x-wind, haven't found one I've flown yet, but it's still a small world nonetheless. In Jack Lamb's story about the DC-3 ferry from Kabaul to Thompson MB, he mentions the Canadian ICAO rep in Kabaul. I used to work for that guy, and attended high school with his daughter. :)

Capt. Crosswind
19th Sep 2002, 09:30
P/Boat, I flew both the P&W Twin Row Wasp & the Wright Cyclone
versions. Much preferred the Pratt & Whitney.