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14th Sep 2002, 14:23
Does anyone know how many flying Corsairs are around these days? What do they sell for? Just dreaming!?:)

Warning Star
15th Sep 2002, 10:26
There are around 26 deemed airworthy in the U.S. ( although some of these are in the workshops at the moment ).
1 in Canada ( an F4U-7 ), though that aircraft is now for sale at Courtesy Aircraft in Illinois for $995,000 USD.

Two based at Duxford, excluding the late Paul Morgan's G-CCMV, which has just been sold back to the U.S. for $1.25million USD, and left the U.K first week in September.
Now assigned N451FG. New home will be in Texas.

3 in France, though Christophe Jacquard's F4U-4 was also for sale through Courtesy last year for around the same price as the F4U-7, and may return to the inventory after this year's northern show season is over.

1 in Austria.

An F4U-1 in Brazil ( the former New Zealand based ZK-FUI ), now owned by the TAM Museum. Whether it will actually fly again, though it is fully airworthy, is unknown.

An F4U-5 should be airworthy in Australia by early 2003. Being restored presently.


16th Sep 2002, 13:42
Saw a beautiful 1/2 scale flying replica at Verdun (France) last year - don't have the photo to hand, but it had a Continental (I think) engine - two blade prop, unfortunately, but otherwise very convincing. I'll see if I can post the photo later.

16th Sep 2002, 14:28
See this month's Aeroplane Monthly for a detailed resume of the Corsair both in its heyday and in preservation.

16th Sep 2002, 21:35
Here we go............