View Full Version : Another B737 fault scare

Matt Braddock
14th Sep 2002, 08:36
The FAA has ordered immediate inspections of B737s worldwide to see if any have defective flight control modules, according news reports.
Apparently, there are 84 foreign aircraft with dodgy modules and another nine in the States.

14th Sep 2002, 09:19
Link to applicable Emergency Airworthiness Directive:


Kalium Chloride
14th Sep 2002, 09:47
Has the BBC just discovered the FAA's AD website or something? This is the second "faulty aircraft" scare-story to come out in the last couple of weeks. :rolleyes:

14th Sep 2002, 10:37
I saw it on the good old FOX News Channel from the U S of A :-)

Bobby Johnson
14th Sep 2002, 11:06
This Emergency AD is not for all 737's it is only for a number of particular line numbers.

Watch out for the doom merchants

15th Sep 2002, 04:13

"Applicability: All Model 737-100, -200, -200C, -300, -400, -500, -600, -700, -700C, -800, and -900 series airplanes; certificated in any category. "

However, once we alert on all these airframes, there is only genuine interest in FCMs with particular part numbers and serial numbers.

CNN DOES say that all 73s are the subject of the AD, but then goes on to say that,

"There are 84 foreign aircraft with the modules from the bad batch and nine U.S. 737s..."

Apparently not so much the doom merchant. Don't get me wrong... sensationalism IS normally the order of the day, every day. But this time it seems rather subdued.