View Full Version : Grand Lady of the Airways "STRATOCRUISER"

Jim Reed
13th Sep 2002, 01:47
Her new name is "Angel of Deliverance" & this once Grand ol LADY of the Airways & great proptransport & airtanker of the USAF in the 50,s & 60,s and built by Boeing,will soon be reborne as a one & only COLD WAR museum Flying Exibit. This beautiful C-97G(377)STRAT is now owned & operated by the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation,from Toms River NJ. This rare "AIRWORTHY" classic proptransport is one of only 2 that still survive in the WORLD today! The BAHF is a private,nonprofit,tax-exempt all volunteer membership corporation,with a sincire & dedicated mission,that being to preserve this beautiful proptransport of yesteryear. This is a fantastic aviation project & all are welcomed to help out & support the mission & to relive a part of aviation history. See us at new site for more info & pics of this Grand ol LADY of the AIRWAYS at www.spiritoffreedom.org "Keep M Flying"

13th Sep 2002, 11:31
Excellent site Jim, nicely put together and informative.

Good luck with the C-97 and I hope it'll be visiting the UK airshow circuit sometime soon along with the C-54 of course. :D