View Full Version : London City - tower evacuated on september 11 ?

12th Sep 2002, 18:27
London City - tower evacuated on september 11 ?

Heard on the radio with London that some flights inbound LC were told to expect delays, as the tower had been avacuated, and to expect further info on other frequencies.

Have seen/heard nothing on the news about it, nor here on PPRuNe - anyone heard of it ?


12th Sep 2002, 18:38
There was some sort of incident as LCY based-flights from EDI got issued pretty bad slots due to the incident. The slots were soon cancelled so I guess it was cleared-up pretty quick

12th Sep 2002, 20:07
Nothing serious. Some plonker set the fire alarm off in the Restaurent in the terminal. Caused chaos for about 30 mins. All ok though I do beleive it caused some delays. People!! Who need them?!?!?!!:rolleyes: :D :D :D :D :D

13th Sep 2002, 13:33
They must like it out there. It happened again this morning (13/09). Had to pick up holding at Logan and thereafter Alkin. However we havenīt seen those holdings and continued without delay.