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11th Sep 2002, 01:04
So in your opinion, what is the most beautiful, non-military aircraft? Anything from GA A/C to the Heavies.

Jet Dragon
11th Sep 2002, 01:08
Concorde - by a long nose!!

Thunder Child
11th Sep 2002, 02:48
Gulfstream V comes in a close second..........

Concorde has to come in tops as we built it - the French were there just to hand the spanner...........

11th Sep 2002, 02:52
Citation X .... hands down


11th Sep 2002, 03:53
www.airliners.net/open.file?id=140110 :)

11th Sep 2002, 07:27
The "Cat" wins for sure,

One of the dreams not yet realised, will do it somehow, anyone know where you can?


11th Sep 2002, 08:17
I've always been rather partial to the Learjet family of aircraft.

11th Sep 2002, 08:37
XB-70 passenger conversion :D

11th Sep 2002, 08:50
There ain’t no such thing as the most beautiful aircraft – they’re all beautiful.
For example this one…..

DHC 2 (http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=171250&WxsIERv=RGUgSGF2aWxsYW5kIENhbmFkYSBESEMtMi4uLiBCZWF2ZXIgLi4u&WdsYXMg=S2V0Y2h1bQ%3D%3D&QtODMg=QW5jaG9yYWdlIC0gTGFrZSBIb29kIFN0cmlwIC8gU2VhcGxhbmUgKFo0MSAvIExIRCk%3D&ERDLTkt=VVNBIC0gQWxhc2th&ktODMp=SnVuZSA5LCAyMDAx&WNEb25u=QWlyTmlrb24%3D&xsIERvdWdsY=TjM0NUtB&MgTUQtODMgKE=&YXMgTUQtODMgKERD=OTMx&NEb25uZWxs=MjAwMS0wNi0yNQ%3D%3D&static=yes)


B742 (http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=239080&WxsIERv=Qm9laW5nIDc0Ny0yMDZCKFNGL1NVRCk%3D&WdsYXMg=Um95YWwgRHV0Y2ggQWlybGluZXMgKEtMTSk%3D&QtODMg=SW4gRmxpZ2h0&ERDLTkt=SW50ZXJuYXRpb25hbCBBaXJzcGFjZQ%3D%3D&ktODMp=TWF5IDIxLCAyMDAy&WNEb25u=Sm9zZWYgUC4gV2lsbGVtcw%3D%3D&xsIERvdWdsY=UEgtQlVJ&MgTUQtODMgKE=S0xNIEZsaWdodCA5MTY1IGZyb20gQW1zdGVyZGFtIHRvIER1YmFpLCBjcnVpc2luZyBhdCBGTDM1MCwgc2VlbiBmcm9tIDEwMDAgZnQgYWJvdmUuIE1heWJlIHRoZSBsYXJnZXN0IHRyYWlscyBJJ3ZlIGV2ZXIgc2Vlbi4uLiBUaGlzIEI3NDcsIG5hbWVkICdXaWxidXIgV3JpZ2h0Jywgd2lsbCBiZSByZXBsYWNlZCBEZWNlbWJlciB0aGlzIHllYXIgYnkgYSA3NDctNDAwRVIgZnJlaWdodGVy&YXMgTUQtODMgKERD=NzM0NTY%3D&NEb25uZWxs=MjAwMi0wNS0yNQ%3D%3D&static=yes)

Who has control?
11th Sep 2002, 09:02
Done this one before, but its still the DH88 Comet Racer

11th Sep 2002, 11:14
Has to be the Rollason Turbulent (http://www.tigerclub.co.uk/4inarow.gif)


11th Sep 2002, 11:21
De Havilland (aahh) Albatross. Failing which, any of the Connies.

11th Sep 2002, 11:22
Turbulent beautiful FF? Cute yes......

but a real beauty was the dH Albatross four engined prewar airliner closely followed by the Super Constellation

Loki you pipped me to the post. :D Are we related :D :D

11th Sep 2002, 18:52
I've got to agree with Loki and LowNSlow - the DH Albatross was a gorgeous machine.

Mind you, the original airliner version of the FW Condor (before they stuck all the gun turrets and suchlike on it) was a pretty beast as well.

Thomas Cook Airlines
11th Sep 2002, 18:59
Call me boring, but, I love the Boeing 737-300!

Bern Oulli
11th Sep 2002, 19:18
Super VC10. Noisy, bit nice!

Mac the Knife
11th Sep 2002, 19:55
Though it wasn't a success (underpowered and unstable) the Douglas X-3 "Stiletto" Mach 2 research aircraft (1952!) just has to be one of the sexiest.

http://www.wpafb.af.mil/museum/modern_flight/mf58.htm and others.

11th Sep 2002, 21:47
The Supermarine S6-B. It's in the Science Museum. Elegance and speed...

11th Sep 2002, 22:41
Stearman Kadets, Piper J-3s / PA-18s and G-REDX :)
Too hard to pick a winner - they're all pretty in their own way. The Kadet is just awe-inspiring, the Cubs are just as cute as doodlebugs, and G-REDX, well, it's just the sleekest Berkut I've ever seen :D

20th Sep 2002, 02:16
Most certainly this (http://www.airliners.net/open.file/056582/L/) beauty! Although it may not have been the safest (the first models anyway), it sure was purrdy.

20th Sep 2002, 02:24
DH Rapide....4 wings of pure pleasure

Spitfire Mk 9.....2 wings of pure orgasm

Spitfire Mk 9.....2 wings of pure orgasm

20th Sep 2002, 08:23
Concorde, without a doubt...it looks great from any angle (it sounds sexy too!)

Evening Star
20th Sep 2002, 09:20

El Grifo
20th Sep 2002, 09:42
I still think that the 757 on the last two miles of finals, with its slender nose in the air and its long graceful legs protruding below must be one of the finer sights in the skies today.

20th Sep 2002, 10:07
Obviously Concorde, DC-3 in close second, but I also like the Vulcan, VC-10, Trident, Tristar, A340-600, BAe 146 /ARJ 100, etc., and Caravelle (notice how most of these are British). Favourite GA plane has to be either the Cirrus SR-22 or the Commander 115.

20th Sep 2002, 10:08
.............Piaggio Avanti..............

By a long run!

For those who have never seen one I'll find a photo to post.

20th Sep 2002, 10:13
The Britten-Norman Trilander.

Okay, obviously I'm talking crap here. :p

20th Sep 2002, 10:28
Herewith the link:

20th Sep 2002, 15:10
The Hughes Racer. A classic.

21st Sep 2002, 14:37
Without a doubt, Concorde...

..And I defy anyone not to look up when hearing its distinctive sound when heard climbing out of Heathrow:D :D

Mac the Knife
21st Sep 2002, 15:32
Still going? OK then - how about the 1956 Convair B-58 Hustler?
Fascinating aircraft. 1,321mph(2,125 km/h)@<hidden>,150ft(19,248 m).

Noisy enough for anyone I'd imagine.

21st Sep 2002, 15:54
Agusta A109 Power (http://www.helispot.com/photos/02577.html) :D

22nd Sep 2002, 21:04
hmmmm.....Probably the A330.

Boss Raptor
22nd Sep 2002, 23:23
North American Valkurie...certainly different...

Gee Bee Racer...everybody should have one!

Kermit 180
23rd Sep 2002, 01:06
Cessna 180 of course. ;)

Kermie :rolleyes:

23rd Sep 2002, 01:38
This may not fit in with the types of aircraft you meant but some of the high performance sailplanes are beautiful otherwise I always liked the Caravelle.

23rd Sep 2002, 14:50
Can't pick just one.

Definitely the Mosquito. Early mark Spitfires. DC-3. Concorde, A330.

maxburner - Saw the replica of the Hughes H1 racer flying at Reno this year, beautiful!

Got a soft spot for most flying boats, The Spruce Goose and the, somewhat smaller, Grumman Goose as featured in (stretch those memories) "Tales of the Golden Monkey" also being favourites.

23rd Sep 2002, 15:16
Sorry, Chilleruk1, you are disqualified.
The starting post read:

So in your opinion, what is the most beautiful, non-military aircraft? Anything from GA A/C to the Heavies.

So solly!:D

23rd Sep 2002, 15:17
:-) (http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/aircraft2/jude737.gif)

23rd Sep 2002, 15:42
Deleted in shame...:(

23rd Sep 2002, 16:05
I know this is going to sound boring, but I love the 747-400. I know most of you will come back with the 747=penis shape thing, but I'm just being honest. Its pretty.

Flip Flop Flyer
23rd Sep 2002, 17:04
Alright then, the Coronado for laying such an awesome smokescreen, the Conc for the sexappeal and sound, the Connie for everything, the C47 for reasons not easily defined, the Comet (and therefore also the Caravelle) for the nose, the Cub cause it's cute and the other (DH88) Comet cause it was fast and dangerous. Hmm, there seems to be a trend here ... nice aeroplanes have a name starting with C. Any ugly aeroplanes starting with a C ? Oh yeah, the C-5...and C-17....and C-141....and a lot of other C-somefink...... Blooody yanks ruining me theory.

But really, anyone getting me safely from a to b (quite often via c) will do. I'd say, with a highly shagable babe to water and feed me enroute, even the A319 could be pretty :)

Ace Rimmer
23rd Sep 2002, 18:02
UMM errr fer jets its got to be the 727-200 dunno why just always thought they were cool ever since I was tiny Rimmer - miss the smoke trails from 707s too.
Otherwise DH Moth any sort, Rapide, oh and the Beech 18 (might get a play in one one day if Ole man Rimmer ever finishes the damn restoration - bit of a pefectionist see - so I'm not holding my breath) and TBM700 sexxxyyy (sad git).

23rd Sep 2002, 22:48
Piper Cub, Super and Ordinaire J3.
They just look right.


West Coast
24th Sep 2002, 06:27
Suprised no one has mentioned it yet, but the Beech Stagger wing has to be a contender. Especially with a red paint job!

Capt Homesick
24th Sep 2002, 12:16
The Mosquito would have to be a contender (and before anyone flames me, Imperial Airways/BOAC had some for the ball bearing run to Sweden, so it qualifies as an airliner), then there is the sheer improbability of the Beech Starship.....
I've always liked the 757 too- it took one of our Aussie skippers to explain the reason- "it's like a skinny woman with big tits." Of course, I repeated that comment the wrong day- I hope the AAIB had a laugh when they heard it on the CVR tapes..... :D

24th Sep 2002, 13:38
Captain H:

Now you mention a real plane, the Beech Starship!
Comes in the same catagory as the Piaggio Avanty.
If you are not talking about usefull aircraft but about PRETTY PLANES, they come first!

(IMHO) :)

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