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No comment
9th Sep 2002, 11:04
Can anyone tell me whats the latest on Gatwick's Trident? For years it was parked on the remotest of remote stands in the woods by the fence where the fire crews used to blow it up occasionally but recently I see it has been moved to behind the FLS hangar (this must have been 3 weeks ago at least) looking rather sorry for herself...
Are there any plans for it (I can imagine Mr Vallance across the way casting a tempted eye over it) or will it face an unceremonius end and get the axe?
I for one would like to see it paked over with the shackletons on the other side of the fence and restored to what it was. The BEA Trident at LHR puts it to shame!

Shaggy Sheep Driver
9th Sep 2002, 11:10
.....And while we're on about Tridents, does anyone know if G-AWZO is still intact at Hatfield? It used to be on the north side, but when they started filmong 'Band of Brothers' it was moved to the apron, about the time that that the DH museum rescued the Heron that was parked near it.

Then Hatfield airfield disappeard under buildings, and the DH Museum were hoping they might at least get ZO's nose section (they thought it unlikely they'd be able to move the entire aircraft to the museum).

Anyonce know of the fate of this, the last Trident to fly?


9th Sep 2002, 11:30
It was until a couple of weeks ago viewable through the old gates off Comet Way but went past at the end of last week and could not see it.

9th Sep 2002, 15:02
I seem to recall reading somewhere recently that 'ZO has been scrapped.

10th Sep 2002, 12:20
ZO has indeed been scrapped, it was owned by the DH Museum, and they apparently got all the bits they needed from it before the scrappies took it.

10th Sep 2002, 15:20
Yes- it looks sad there. I see the poor old Dan Comet has now got green mould on it. Time for a repaint............?

Shaggy Sheep Driver
10th Sep 2002, 15:39
Thanks, Jumpseater. That is very sad news. I flew on ZO on its last day in service celebrating the end of Tridents, 31st December 1985 - from Manchester to a low pass at Liverpol and IOM, then a low approach and go-around back at Manch (which left the crew insufficient time to stabilise the approach - cr*p landing ;~)

ZO then flew a Heathrow shuttle service that evening, and later was positioned to hatfield 'for preservation'. But it was just left out in the weather and became a wreck.