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7th Sep 2002, 18:36
Can anyone tell me roughly how much in the UK theyd be prepared to pay for a couple of old private number plates?

The ones on offer are as follows

RAF 22 - this is the most sought after apparently and i can also get my hands on 22 RAF for a modest amount of cash as well.

Roland Pulfrew
14th Mar 2003, 14:38
Not interested in buying but what are the best aviation related number plates already out there? I recently saw

V2 2 FLY

outside my local flying club. What else is out there?

Lu Zuckerman
14th Mar 2003, 16:10
Go into the parking lots of any American Airframe Manufacturer and you will see hundreds of Vanity plates advertising one or more of the companies products. Apache, 767,747, V-22 and many more. You pay a premium for the vanity plate and you pay a yearly fee. The money goes into a special fund for the protection of the environment.


Shaggy Sheep Driver
14th Mar 2003, 17:49
I've got P1 followed by my initials. 500 UKP from DVLA website.


14th Mar 2003, 18:31
Saw 'A10 JET' at Mildenhall Airshow one year!

Spot 4
14th Mar 2003, 20:13
A1 LDG @ Heathrow must be a P1 LOT somewhere

14th Mar 2003, 20:17
B17 PLT on mine

There again I did fly 'Sally B' for a while ;)

14th Mar 2003, 21:44
Ummmmm. With the initials CB perchance? ;)

15th Mar 2003, 00:01
Shaggy - is that yer real initials or your 'Prune moniker?:D

P1 SSD? They'd never allow it ! Surely...

Shaggy Sheep Driver
15th Mar 2003, 00:27
Nice one!

I'd need to be paid an awful lot to have P1 SSD on my car. They'd stop you just to take the P1 SS.

No, it's P1 XXX where XXX = my initials, not my PPRuNe ID.


15th Mar 2003, 00:40
Try again Camel D!;)

15th Mar 2003, 03:55
There used to be an MGB at EGNS with 747MAN on it..

A case of wishful thinking?

15th Mar 2003, 11:28
There's an ex-10Sqn gent that drives around Brantford, Ontario, Canada with this plate:

15th Mar 2003, 22:50
13 Sqn owns '13 RAF'...

16th Mar 2003, 10:24
Didn't Lord Brabazon have the registration 1 FLY when he was 1st Air Lord in the 1920's? Goodness nows what that'd be worth now.

PS The rest of the world must think we are barmy to pay such rediculous sums for car registration plates. 82.5k. Madness.

17th Mar 2003, 08:39
A person i know has A5 PBY - and owns 1
Also seen A747CAP and yes he was one

Feather #3
17th Mar 2003, 12:04

Family all chucked in for a birthday gift.

G'day ;)

17th Mar 2003, 20:51
DA 32 was enough to strike fear into you :)

and I remember seeing 615 RAF

18th Mar 2003, 10:36
I've got MERLIN - its a magician, a falcon and an engine all in one.

25th Mar 2003, 00:02
Not wishful thinking. Owner now has 747 MAN on a Merc and is a pilot with Cathay.

John Eacott
25th Mar 2003, 00:41
One's mine, the other one isn't ;)


25th Mar 2003, 11:11
My number plate is TBM-45 I own a 1945 built Grumman TBM-3E Avenger

28th Mar 2003, 12:07
And a brand new, shiney Prado too I see John! Diesel or 4.0 lit petrol?

A very well known hair dresser of off shore power boat racing fame is rumoured to have paid A$100,000 (US$60,000) for the plate Q1 in Queensland and it was hanging off a Porsche, but I heard it had been nicked.

28th Mar 2003, 13:45
Kolibear is that really MER 41N?

My registration plate is L292 VLB. Cost me nothing, means nothing :D :D :D

John Eacott
28th Mar 2003, 14:05

The +1's golf cart: 4lt petrol ;)

29th Mar 2003, 03:28
I thought P1 LOT went for 66K, but hey, what's twenty grand.....

I have G13 RNU on my 4x4 to go with my Robin, G-BRNU. (www.gbrnu.co.uk)


Fris B. Fairing
31st Mar 2003, 06:56
This has taken me a while as I had a devil of a job maneuvering
the car into the scanner, but here's mine:


Unlike Feather #3, I don't fly one, but I did photograph one once.

In Queensland, the funds go to road safety research.
That's how I justify the indulgence.


31st Mar 2003, 08:39
...and have decided that it would actually be far cheaper to design and build my own aircraft, than pay stupidly large sums for a random 'plate that happens to coincide with an established type. ;)

After much burning of the midnight oil at the Kingy household along with many discarded 'backs of fag packets' I've finally come up my design .... the F 545 HKE Sportplane :D :D :D


Onan the Clumsy
2nd Apr 2003, 02:16
I've often thought it was a tremendous lost opportunity for the British governent. I've seen those pages of adverts with plates that are basically crap - just someone's initials and a lowish number - and for ridiculous prices too. I never understood why they didn't just allow vanity plates like here in the states.

Sure there are plenty of unimaginative ones like people's initials, but every now and again you'll see a humerous one like my mate, who's from England and had MINGE for his plate.

I sometimes used to see a lady driving to work with the plate BEG ME on her car. I never did get a chance to get a proper look at her though. :O

2nd Apr 2003, 05:12
Overtaken by a black Porshe with the plate: BAD G1T

2nd Apr 2003, 11:29
A few years ago there used to be a Porsche driver here at Netherthorpe that had SKY 80Y - "Sky Boy". Can't for the life me remember whose it was or where it went to.

5th Apr 2003, 05:06
simple. Mine says:



should I ever get a 911 Turbo then it'll be Mmo Vmo

a couple of days ago I saw UAL DC8 on I-95

There also a few good tailnumbers out there. I remember seeing G-LEAR and G-LJET when I prepared for my ATPL writtens in Bristol in 97.

John Eacott
5th Apr 2003, 17:27
Bit naff, but my first machine has my initials, VH-JGE. Well, I like it :cool:

6th Apr 2003, 07:35
A1 RAB. Move the R across, and you've got A1R AB. Can't wait for the F1 plates to be issued. F1Y AB :o)

Saw a car race the other day. Front plate had "BIG", back plate had "WHANGER". Made me laugh...!

AV8 consultants
16th Apr 2003, 11:08
Live in west Oz.Managed to get 1AIR767. Cost me $15.80 and a smile to the bird behind the counter at licencing!:O

19th Apr 2003, 23:41
Edith Cowan Uni in Perth has a Cessna with VH-ECU