View Full Version : Avalone : February 2003

6th Sep 2002, 04:19
Would any of you gentlemen happen to know what 'out of area' hardware [military] is planned to attend the Avalon Airshow at Geelong in February? I have my flights booked, and seat in the main stand, but the Airshow site has remarkably little information on it.

16th Sep 2002, 15:46
I think they have been stung before by promising things that don't happen later, so don't expect much detail at all until close to the date.

I expect there would be uncertainty about US iron presence, depends on whether we back-up Dubbya or not....:mad:

See you there, anyhow.

17th Sep 2002, 02:43
Well, yes, I was coming to that conclusion, even though it's 5 months out.

If Saddam stuffs this one up I will not be a happy chappy!