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3rd Sep 2002, 11:05
Hi all,

A friend of mine, is re-building (slowly and painfully) a Typhoon, from bits he has acquired over the years.

Now what he needs are the plans, but he's not sure if any are in existence.

The was a rumour, that BAe had a complete set, but he has no idea of who to talk to.

Can anyone help? Also, does anyone know of any bits of Tiffie knocking around, that need a good home?



Kermit 180
3rd Sep 2002, 12:59
Suggest trying the RAF Museum at Hendon, they have a Typhoon there and might have plans or other paper work of interest to your mate. Some time ago there was a thread here about a Typhhon being refurbished (in USA?), maybe you could run a search and see if you can dig that out, might be some useful info.


NB Wheres the Napier Sabre coming from? I was told there were none left in existence?

Who has control?
3rd Sep 2002, 13:49
There is a museum at Shoreham, I think its the D-Day Aviation Museum that seem to be specialising in Typhoons. They have various bits and might be able to help.

3rd Sep 2002, 15:07
Jet Age Museum have some bits too...........unless of course that's where your friend is!

I've just come back from holiday in France - at Caen Memorial they have a full size Typhoon replica suspended from the ceiling. He could try contacting them to see who supplied it;


[email protected]



and good luck!

Adjusted your url link to make it work! CP

Biggles Flies Undone
3rd Sep 2002, 16:01
The D-Day museum at Shoreham is a very good suggestion. Apart from all the odds and ends, they have a cockpit mock-up youd be hard put to tell, but the framework is actually old scaffolding poles. I had a long chat with the guy that built it and I believe that he is regarded as quite an authority on the aircraft. That apart, its a smashing little museum and well worth a visit.

3rd Sep 2002, 16:32
Blimey! The Typhoon hasn't even entered service and someone is building one from bits (just like BWOS is!!) :D :D

No comment
4th Sep 2002, 12:27
wub, i'm sure I can dig out a couple of old computers and a computer joystick if you want to give it a try.... shouldn't be too hard to stick them onto a large triangle of metal...

4th Sep 2002, 14:33

If I leave out the computers but put the joystick on the triangle I'd have a Vulcan! :rolleyes:

4th Sep 2002, 18:21
Wub, hate to say this but you have the wrong Typhoon! The one everyone is referring to is the Sydney Camm design - the Hawker Typhoon. Sorry!

Well you did say "uh-oh there is something wrong." :D

4th Sep 2002, 19:04

No Kiddin? Well I never! :rolleyes:

4th Sep 2002, 22:27
Yeah I was kiddin! But I guessed someone as smart as you would see through it :p

5th Sep 2002, 08:15

5th Sep 2002, 09:41
Try contacting engineering at BAe Brough, they have done work on Sea Furies over the years and so must have a lot of paperwork on the Hawker aircraft of that period.

astir 8
5th Sep 2002, 10:35
I believe that Ken Wallis used to have a couple of Napier Sabres in the back of his workshop

He just needed to build a big enough gyroplane to fit them in!

5th Sep 2002, 11:13
Thanks all so far,

Trying to find a Head Honcho, or a fairly high up in BAe engineering, who'll say "You sign a disclaimer/waiver, and you can copy the plans" :D

Failing that, any rumours at all of Typhoon bits are much appreciated


5th Sep 2002, 11:24

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